“Wonder Woman” Writer Developing Marvel Series About All-Female Superhero Team

Hopefully it will be our answer for more queer heroes on screen.

Fans and celebrities have been vocal about wanting to see more queer superheroes on screen, and it looks like Marvel is addressing those concerns.

As Deadline reports, a new all-female television show from Wonder Woman scribe Allan Heinberg is being developed for ABC. The show is currently untitled, but will air hour-long episodes that focus on “more obscure heroes”.


All-female superhero teams aren’t uncommon in comics. Over the years, Marvel has introduced teams such as A-Force, Lady Liberators and Fearless Defenders. We’ve also seen the introduction of more queer heroes on screen, including Hulu’s Runaways and Thor: Ragnorak’s Valkyrie.

DC is improving their own roster of queer heroes on their shows and films. The second season of CW’s Black Lightning will spend more time exploring Thunder’s romantic relationships, the news of Batwoman’s TV show, and the upcoming Birds Of Prey movie.

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