If You Love Ladies Who Holler, Listen to Mary C

Mary C and the Stellars… hollering

Earlier this week, my NewNowNext pal Chris Spargo sent me the following email…

This lady tweeted her story at me, and she seems like she’d be of your taste.

That’s all he wrote, followed by a link to a song by Mary C and the Stellars. I had never heard of Mary C, but this recent story on Elle.com tells me she makes live-band music that fuses soul, rock, and funk. She also apparently has women in her band, which is obviously awesome.

After listening to the song “Love Automatic”—exclusively available on Elle’s site—I realized that Chris was right. Mary C is of my taste. Chris knows me so well! I am always ready to get rocked by a lady with a smoky voice and a retro attitude who is not afraid to holler out with her hand raised to the Lord.

Along with “Love Automatic,” I’m also enjoying “Get Me Through,” which has the blues-rock swagger of an early Rolling Stones song.

Mary C and the Stellars are supposed to release an EP soon, and I hope the rest of their songs are as good as these. They could certainly end up in my workout mix, which is the highest praise I can give to an uptempo ditty.

Mark Blankenship loves hollering. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship.