Mary Lambert Nerd-Battles Sara Ramirez In Awesome Video For “Know Your Name”

"I wanted to do a ripoff of Taylor Swift’s 'Bad Blood'... but nerdier and queer as hell."

In the new music video for Mary Lambert’s “Know Your Name,” the out singer-songwriter and bi Grey’s Anatomy actress Sara Ramirez engage in a fierce-but-flirtatious battle in an ’80s-style arcade.

mary lambert
Mary Lambert

Directed by Erix Arocha, the video is full of nostalgic nerd-culture nods, including light sabers, Pac-Man and air hockey. It also features a badass friend crew including Lambert’s IRL pals Jacob Tobia, Gabi Fresh, Firda Herryandhy, and Hazel Jade, who each get a “Bad Blood”-style intro.

“The main thing I kept circling back to when I started conceptualizing the video was that it needed to be trans-inclusive and that each actor/character needed be involved in the creative process.” Lambert explains in the video liner notes. “I wanted to do a ripoff of Taylor Swift’s ’Bad Blood,’ but nerdier and queer as hell.”

She met Ramirez at a fundraiser for homeless LGBT youth last year. “We immediately hit it off,” she recalls. “When the concept for the video began developing, Sara was the first person I thought of.”

“Know Your Name” is one of several upbeat tracks on Lambert’s new Ep, Bold, a change from what she describes as her “sad gay” aesthetic. “I have the range to write in many different spheres, and I also love pop music,” Lambert tells NewNowNext. “So that also speaks to who I am and the complexity of me.”

Bold is out now on Tender Heart Records.

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