Massachusetts Closer to Allowing “X” Gender Marker on IDs

If the bill passes through the State House, Massachusetts will join four other states in offering a gender non-binary ID option.

The Massachusetts Senate has overwhelmingly approved a bill that would introduce a non-binary gender marker for driver’s licenses, learner’s permits, and non-driver’s IDs.

On Thursday, senators voted 36-1 in favor of allowing an “X” gender designation on state-issued, IDs in addition to “male” and “female” options. The proposal would bar the DMV from asking for medical or legal documentation to make the switch.

Now, the decision moves to the State House for consideration.

Sen. Karen Spilka, a Democrat who sponsored the bill, says it upholds the rights of Massachusetts’ transgender community. “Everyone should be free to live their lives in the way they feel most comfortable,” she said in a press conference on Thursday. “For those who do not fit neatly into the traditional categories of ’male’ or ’female,’ a non-binary option is a simple way to ensure their ID matches their true lived gender identity.”

If the bills passes through the House, it will go into effect November 1.

Earlier this month, Maine became the fourth state in the U.S. to offer a gender non-binary “X” marker on licenses, following close behind Oregon, California, and Washington. Washington, D.C., also offers the option.

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