Matt Bomer Is Hollywood’s Golden Boy In Trailer For “The Last Tycoon”

The new Amazon series premieres July 28.

If you are craving more stories from classic Hollywood since Feud ended, Amazon has you covered this summer.

The streaming service’s new nine-episode series The Last Tycoon stars Matt Bomer as handsome 1930s film executive Monroe Stahr who battles his mentor, Pat Brady (Kelsey Grammer) for control of the studio.

matt bomer

The story is adapted from the unfinished F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, The Love Of The Last Tycoon, previously made into a film in 1976 starring Robert De Niro as Stahr.

In the new series, Lily Collins plays Bomer’s love interest with Grammer, Rosemarie DeWitt (United States of Tara), Mark O’Brien (Halt and Catch Fire) and Jennifer Beals rounding out the cast.

Even though the out actor doesn’t play gay here, Bomer said he related to Stahr being ostracized in 1930s Hollywood.

“He’s a self-invented man. I’m someone from rural Texas who had no connections to the entertainment industry and had to figure out my own way into it,” he explained to Vanity Fair last year. “He’s someone who had been ostracized because of his being Jewish, and I certainly experienced aspects of that in my own life. In many ways, he had two strikes against him to begin with.”

the last tycoon

And Bomer looks as dashing as any Golden Age leading man.

“Men’s suitings during that period were so heavy and so thick—they could basically stand up by themselves… but Matt is physically so commanding, so attractive, it totally works for his physique,” said costume designer Janie Bryant.

We couldn’t agree more.

Below, watch the trailer for The Last Tycoon, which drops in full on Amazon on July 28.


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