Matt Bomer To Play Montgomery Clift

A new entry has popped up on the IMDB page of Matt Bomer, suggesting that Matt will be playing the lead role in the biopic Monty Clift, about the gay and troubled legend from the silver screen of the 50’s. Here’s the brief synopsis:

“A young Montgomery Clift finds himself in love with a young Elizabeth Taylor following the filming of A Place In The Sun.

There’s scant information about the production, but Matt has mentioned in the past that his dream role would be to play the four-time Oscar nominee, who battled a multitude of demons during his life, including addiction, a life-changing car accident, and guilt and shame about his sexuality (he died in 1966 at age 45 of coronary artery disease).

It’s certainly a juicy role for any actor, but if this is true (and not some stupid prank), then this could be a career-defining moment for Matt, who has never been given the chance to fully stretch his acting talent.

Now the only question is … who will play Liz? Not to mention the “warm and vital appeal” of Shelley Winters.

UPDATE! Deadline has just confirmed. Congratulations Matt!

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