Matt Bomer Dancing To “Hotline Bling” Proves There Is A Santa

Ryan Murphy knows how to create classic GIF moments

FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel has been wearying. There have been flashes of brilliance along with Ryan Murphy’s usual trick bag of bullshit.

But like all Ryan Murphy shows, it exists to provide gigabytes of GIFs, and its lifeblood has been Matt Bomer, who has been able to cut loose with a sexy, dangerous performance.

In various states of undress.


In last night’s episode (it’s last until next month), we got one more chance to see Matt as the eternally youthful Donovan, who interrupts the bloodletting to get his groove on to the latest chart-topper from Drake.


“Matt Bomer sensually dancing to ’Hotline Bling'” was not on our Christmas list, but it’s obvious Santa is looking out for our needs. And kudos to Matt for breathing new life into an overexposed song.

Even if Gaga isn’t impressed.

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