What’s This About Matt Bomer On Stage In Soaking Wet Tighty-Whities?

"I had the choice either to do the rest of the 10 minute scene buck naked or..."

Matt Bomer recently swung by The Tonight Show and talked with host Jimmy Fallon about the Broadway production of The Boys in the Band that Bomer is currently starring in.

Walter McBride/Getty Images

The Boys in the Band is Bomer’s Broadway debut, and while he was on The Tonight Show Bomer revealed how during one of the performances of the play he made a rookie mistake for an actor—he didn’t check his props.

Usually that would not be the biggest deal, but this oversight left Bomer naked in front of the whole audience.

“My character takes a shower within the first five minutes of the play,” the Magic Mike XXL actor told Fallon. “And I realized there was no towel for me when I got out of the shower.”

Bomer went onto explain how he had the choice to either do the rest of the scene naked or put his underwear back on his soaking wet body.

Bomer might have been embarassed, but we’re sure the audience was happy with the prop gaffe. You would think after Magic Mike XXL he would be used to being naked onstage.

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