Matt Bomer Proven Nicest Man on Earth in New Interview

Da Man

Mr. Nice Guy (Image: Just Jared)

Our favorite man on the inside, Matt Bomer, sat down with DA MAN for a revealing and heartwarming interview. And that dreamy, beautiful, multi-talented Matt just can’t say a mean thing!

Amidst a smoldering fashion shoot, the Bome answers questions about his current life and his future and everything that comes out of his mouth is adorably squeaky clean.

On White Collar: ”I’m incredibly grateful…I love this job… there’s not a day at work where I’m not having a great time”

On his Glee appearance:  “I love singing… I loved recording… a form of therapy”

On birthday wishes from his fans: “I cried… means more to me than I could ever express… I will always give my best for them”

He also (spoiler alert) says lovely and humble things about his acting craft, fatherhood, some future roles, Pol Pot, and your grandma. He’s a machine!

How could someone with such immaculate bone structure be such a genuinely nice person? Cheekbones mean evil: ask Willem Defoe or Disney Corp.

But a bitter queen this guy is not. And though we have trouble wrapping our mean, pickled heads around his niceness, we’re still able to appreciate it. And you should, too.

Matt Bomer: like a breath of fresh air after we finally leave the room. Keep on being you!

(via ONTD!)