Matt Bomer Has Designed A Dreamy Fashion Line

Photo Credit: Brian Bowen Smith / Courtesy of GILT

Everyone in the world wants to look like Matt Bomer, as he is the most dreamy person in the universe, and now they finally can! Well, save the gorgeous face and perfect hair and ripped body. But they can get his clothes!

To mark the premiere of new episodes of White Collar on January 22 (we will be recapping as always), Mr. Bomer has designed suit and shirt packages, as well as ties and pocket squares, with bespoke Alton Lane to be sold on Gilt. Sadly, no fedoras.

It will be called the Caffrey Collection, after Bomer’s White Collar character Neal Caffrey.

“Neal’s look is mostly skinny ties, so we wanted to make sure we found something that was skinny but appropriate for everyone,” Bomer explained. “There are a lot of great pocket square and shirt options to choose from if you want to put your own personal touch on things to reflect your own personality.”

We already want it all.

The sale begins at 12 EST on on January 22, and a portion of sales will benefit Project A.L.S., because Matt is dreamy AND charitable.

What a guy.

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