Matt Dallas Was Framed, Jake Gyllenhaal Became A Sugar Daddy, Cameron Monaghan Is A Strongman: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Lee Daniels rests on Mariah Carey's pillows, Matt Doyle is the real hot geek, Dan Feuerriegel's sexy swim

Most of the time when we drool over a “hot geek” we mean “supermodel in fake glasses” but Matt is the real deal

Sunday evening research. Loving Image comics' Faster Than Light!

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Aren’t the plots of most shows running from guys who look like that?

Mountain climbing with @cascrump Are you serious.

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I know I haven’t been paying attention, but has Hunter’s look changed drastically?

I might be from Dallas, but @austincocktails has my heart. #drinkbetter

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Just a casual evening among friends

I'm so happy to be back home. #hangingwithfamily @mariahcarey @kehindewiley #artists ???

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I will never believe anything I see on television ever again

We eat our Wheaties on #Shameless.

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That is a major haircut

Got rid of it. #smalldog #notmytatts Thanks Mikey at The Cut By Parlour

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You’re taking lean really far, Dan. Even I’m thinking you might want a sandwich

Ryan gets the gays

He makes 37 look better than I ever did

There’s a few inches on stage there

Eddie has told a version of this story to me before in an interview. He’s proof of the Midwest jock who grew up and outward in his views, and became one of the good guys

I could have created an entire post of all the talk shows Neil hit up yesterday, but I’ll just make this shot with Wendy represent them all

On loop, it’s kind of hypnotic

Matt’s been framed

I’ve changed my mind, I’ve decided to settle down

snicks mentioned Jake writing a letter to try and bring back Sugar Babies in Briefs last week, and the internet reacted

I’ll take these

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