Matt Damon and Michael Douglas Totally Bone in Liberace Flick

Hand me that mineral oil.

Liberace and son (

Steven Soderberg’s new Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra has a very made-for-TV name. But it wasn’t produced for television originally. Though set for an HBO premier this spring, they originally wanted to sell the film to Hollywood.

In this video from HuffPo’s Gay Voices, the Oscar winning director of Traffic and a million other famous movies (Erin Brockovich, Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Out of Sight, Magic Mike, and on and on) talks about why he, of all people, couldn’t get anyone to buy his movie for the big screen.

Why? Because it’s gay.

How gay, you ask?

“Pretty gay,” replies Soderberg.

Gay enough, it seems, to scare off everyone in Hollywood. Thankfully, we’ll still get the unprecedented opportunity to see extremely x-rated footage of Michael Douglas boning Matt Damon on a bed of cushion cut emeralds. In the privacy of our living rooms.

Okay, so the exact extent of the gay content in Behind (which we’ve shortened the name to for convenience only) is not totally clear.

But, according to Soderberg, “We weren’t shy about the relationship.”

And Damon told Playboy that Michael Douglas is “a wonderful kisser.”

Yep, they definitely bone.

Listen to Soderberg’s take on what makes films on television different from those Hollywood okays and why, a little more precisely, Hollywood didn’t get behind Behind the Candelabra.