Matt McGorry Cuddles With Alfred Enoch, Keegan Allen Sweats In “King Cobra” Gym: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Brad Goreski's morning chest hair is divine, Tom Lenk's buff nerd look, Gus Kenworthy cries tears of joy for his ESPN story

They seem to be making a lot of use of the gym set on King Cobra

@jessekorman photos for #KingCobraMovie @jamesfrancotv @garrettclayton1 @tojustinkelly

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Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee

Morning. Lets pour some coffee and get serious. Its #TGIT day you crazy yahoos. Lets murder some folks. Jk. But maybe? #htgawm

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You don’t need more coffee. Let’s just go back to bed

I am definitely going to need more coffee this morning ☕️ @mercerhotelnyc @coachrahim

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Always competitive. One hurts their leg, the other has to as well

Anything @danielsharmanofficial can do, I can do better.

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I can’t tell if Matt is mad, or in heaven

Probably more shocking than the plot of the Looking movie

I’m guessing that since Gus did the photoshoot for his ESPN coming out article with Atomic skis, his sponsorship is safe. GoPro already tweeted congratulations, and we know Nike loves an out athlete

As you can see, it feels good to be true to yourself

Tom’s really hitting that buff geeky thing on all cylinders, isn’t he?

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