Matthew McConaughey Is Finally Launching His JKL Line. At Sears. In Canada.

Courtesy of Sears Canada.

Courtesy of Sears Canada.

Matthew McConaughey’s long-awaited line, JKL (Just Keep Living) is youth-oriented, and raises funds for at-risk kids. It’s supposed to reflect McConaughey’s own laid-back outdoorsy style, making perfect athletic wear for active kids.

And it’s being sold exclusively in Sears. In Canada.

That’s right. Starting in the fall, you can purchase JKL garb from none other than But why? Probably because the notoriously-shirtless McConaughey doesn’t know squat about flannel or aerodynamic t-shirts. Farming out your line to remote Saskatchuwan kinds of kills the who superstar-branding thing. After all, the perk of being a new celeb designer is, well, you’re a celeb. If your name’s on it, people will buy it. Remember J.Lo’s Kohl’s line? Us neither.

Courtesy of Kohl's.

Courtesy of Kohl’s.

Scroll through the collection now and see that everything is on sale. Kohl’s and T.J. Maxx and Sears are the beginning of the end. The evidence that celebrity-sponsored collections don’t work is everywhere: The Miley Cyrus/Max Azria/Wal-mart collaboration was a bust. And Sears can’t mark down the Kardashian collection fast enough. (Has anyone seen Madonna’s Material Girl line, let alone bought anything?)

Courtesy of Sears.

Courtesy of Sears. (It was over before it began.)