Max Emerson Flags Our Interest, Ricky Gervais And Eric Bana Share A Rent Boy: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Greg Berlanti and Robbie Rogers take a pool day, Sir Ian laughs with Armistead Maupin, Danny Pintauro joins AIDS Walk Los Angeles

Hey, Billy has clothes on for once

Puppy sitting and I have to use the bathroom but this is too cute to disturb

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Just a day in the pool for a Hollywood power couple

It's a Supergirl kind of day. @gberlanti

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I gotta admit, a full flag like this is a fitness goal of mine. It’s harder than it looks

#mid #roadTrip #flagPole #stretch. Please check out #HOOKED at

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Danny and Drew hit up AIDS Walk Los Angeles, despite the heat

Drew Carey and I melting @awla

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I have a feeling they’ll basically be celebrating from now until the honeymoon sometime next year

Fun weekend with family and friends. Celebrating ??

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Sorry Barney Stinson, but this is the most Legendary selfie ever

#NYCC elevator selfie! @ciararenee8 @rattyburvil @phil.klemmer

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So just what are you hiding, Matty?

I think he may be speaking literally

Are you going to go knock on doors together?

Mormon Reunion! @jmspinafore @scottbarnhardt I love these fellas.

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What do we think about the ’stache? I’m not really loving it

Michael had an enthusiastic crowd

One of my greatest fears

I really can’t improve the caption

This is again one of those moments that my curiosity of who takes the photo is strong enough to distract me from the gorgeous male model

I like to think they just sat and told stories and laughed all night

I don’t remember this scene. And I think I’d remember this scene

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