Mayhem and more at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards

Eminem is touched by an angel (Sacha Baron Cohen) during the MTV Movie Awards (All Pics: Getty)

Against my better judgment, I tuned in to last night’s 2009 MTV Movie Awards, and was rewarded with a naked Andy Samberg, a tribute to Ben Stiller featuring Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and a shocking “unscripted” moment with gay fashionista Bruno.

Join us below for clips and pics of the “outrageous” moments.

Above you can see the show’s opening, which is a typical “let’s put the host in clips from the nominated films”, but the bit is saved thanks to the adorkable Andy, who’s nothing if not a good sport.

Maybe I’ve seen too many of these shows, but aside from Andy’s hosting, and a few select bits, I was bored to tears. All of the screaming teenage girls got on my nerves (and in fact, the screaming every time the word Twilight was mentioned became a running gag).

The vampire movie swept the awards, which led to embarrassing, cringe-inducing comic “bits” by the cast as they accepted the prizes (and when “heartthrob” Robert Pattinson ran his fingers through his hair, I wanted to yell out “drill, baby, drill”).

Predictably, the Twilight kids won Best Kiss over the same-sex kissing in Milk and I Love You, Man, but at least there were no audible gasps when they showed the clip of Sean Penn and James Franco snogging.

The most talked about moment was (and will be) the allegedly unscripted stunt-gone-wrong by Bruno. He flew out of the rafters on a wire wearing an angel’s wings, and after a “mishap” flew straight into the lap of Eminem (whose musical performance, a tired riffing of celebrities, was more Weird Al than cutting-edge). You can see the NSFW clip below, and marvel at its total “spontaneity”.

I’m probably being too hard on the bit (and I have to give Eminem props for pretending to be outraged), but did we really need two “Ewww … a naked dude’s ass is in my face” moments during the show?

The Highlights: Andy was cute (and should be encouraged to get naked as often as possible), Triumph had a few of his patented offensive moments in the Ben Stiller tribute, and LeAnn Rimes performed “Jizz in my Pants”.

The Lowlights: Too much Twilight and High School Musical, too many screaming kiddies, Megan (acting with my funbags) Fox presenting with the man who’s her perfect match in talent, Michael Bay.

What did you think of last night’s show? For a quick refresher, enjoy these pics.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

Triumph the Insult Dog

Bruno on the red carpet

Megan Fox with Michael Bay

Robert Pattinson

Zac Efron

Jim Carrey

Andy Samberg

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