Mayim Bialik and Sons Had “Moment of Unity” After Spotting Nazi Graffiti on NYC Subway

"THIS is America."

Mayim Bialik, of The Big Bang Theory and Blossom fame, has taken to Instagram to share a recent experience of a bad situation turned “powerful moment of unity and understanding.”

The actor was in New York City this past weekend for the Fortnite World Cup, held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, and while in town she and her sons, Miles and Frederick, spotted the word “Nazi” written on a subway seat. They weren’t the only ones to notice, and soon fellow subway riders went into action to remove the offending word and show the true spirit of New York.

“My boys noticed it. But so did the other passengers. They took out some hand sanitizer and began removing the marking,” Bialik wrote.

“THIS is America. It was a very powerful moment of unity and understanding, and I’m grateful that my boys got to witness it in action.”

In addition to the tens of thousands of likes the post has racked up, the comments section is full of people thanking her for sharing the story, as well as detailing their own experiences combating hate speech.

“This proves actions can speak louder than words. What wonderful young men they are learning to be,” wrote one commenter.

“That makes me sad and then happy that love came together out of the dark and made light,” wrote another.

“This reminds me of Nazi or anti immigration stickers here in Germany,” yet another shared. “I have seen strangers spending minutes to scrape them off, I have spent minutes myself doing so, and I have yet to meet someone who wouldn’t do that.”

Bialik has written two books about the struggles of growing up in the modern world, and how to overcome them: one for girls, called Girling Up: How to be Strong, Smart, and Spectacular, and one or boys, called Boying Up: How to be Brave, Bold and Brilliant.

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