McDonald’s Demands Bachelor’s Degree To Be A Cashier

Climb that ladder. (Getty Images)

Climb that ladder. (Getty Images)

So, you may have heard: the job market sucks.

Fear not weary unemployed person, McDonald’s has an opening at the register—for those with two years experience and a Bachelor’s degree: “Get a weekly paycheck with a side order of food,” reads the job listing.

The Mickey D’s franchise in Winchendon, Massachusetts, posted the refreshing job listing earlier this week promising great things for aspiring cashiers with $80K in student loan debt. Per the enthusiastic listing, “Advancement opportunities within!” A management position paying $10/hour is also available.

Meanwhile, in New York, fast food workers went on strike Thursday morning, demanding a living wage.

I’m lovin’ it, America!

Update: “There has been some misinformation reported by an independent job site with no relationship to the Winchendon, Massachusetts McDonald’s,” wrote owner of the franchise in question, Lori Ruscito, in a statement. “The original job posting, which could be accessed through, did not require a bachelor’s degree. We are working diligently to have the misinformation removed from the site but to date the website has been unresponsive to our requests.” Still, HuffPost reports, 284,000 college graduates held minimum wage jobs in 2012.

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