McKayla Maroney To Impress Us On Hart Of Dixie

McKayla Maroney actress

I’m ready for my Walk of Fame star Photo Credit: Getty Images

Move over, Rachel Bilson. There’s a new star in Bluebell.

McKayla Maroney is going to guest star on season 2 of Hart of Dixie. Can we just take a moment to say — we totally called this.

The Olympic gymnast is following in the footsteps of Ryan Lochte and Gabby Douglas by appearing on the CW network. Let’s be honest, she’s totally going to steal the show.

McKayla will play Tonya, “a high schooler who comes to the defense of Zoe’s not-so-popular pal Rose.” We hope by “come to the defense of” they mean “totally acts like Regina George.” We love Rose, but McKayla as a nice girl?

Not so impressed.

Not to worry though, we’re sure McKayla will add attitude to her performance. How could she not?