Medieval Fantasy “Eldet” Is Bringing Some Much Needed Diversity To Gay Gaming

A new "visual novel" promises to move past the typical LGBT story tropes.

Eldet, an upcoming visual novel/dating sim, takes place in a late-medieval world with the kind of racially diverse cast you don’t normally see in the fantasy genre.

As Kunal, you come from a long line of mages, and have spent 16 years at a magic “college,” only to realize you might not actually have any magic powers.


So Kunal leaves college, and his adventures put him in contact with six different male companions (and possible love interests), with your choices determining the game’s outcome.


“There’s a trend that, when representing people of color, the plot has to revolve around prejudice and racism, and when representing LGBT people, the plot revolves around LGBT angst and homophobia,” says game creator Marcuss.

“I’m going to show you that these kinds of characters don’t have to be limited to the same story tropes they’re always reduced to.”

Of course you don’t have to pursue romantic relationships with Ehsanh, Bradach, Thanh, Tariq, Amal or Faaron—but why the hell would you do that?


Marcuss has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Eldet that’s already blown past its $9,000 goal three times over.

Download a demo of the game here.

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