Meet Alex Minsky, The Miracle Model: PHOTOS

Alex Minksy

Alex Minsky was in the U.S. Marines in 2009, when he drove over an IED in Afghanistan and got caught in an explosion that cost him his leg and landed him in a coma that lasted 58 days. After he recovered, Minsky was discovered at the gym by photographer Tom Cullis, and a new career as an underwear model was born.

But in an interview with The Underwear Expert, Minsky admits losing a limb was not the only hardship Minksy had to overcome: he’s struggled with the death of his brother and a problem with alcohol. “I’m not going to lie and say everything is peaches and cream all the time, because it’s not,” he admits. “It’s life. Everything is not peaches and cream all the time. The only difference is I don’t have alcohol to cover up anymore. I don’t have that coping device. I’m left to handle shit head on. Face first.”

Still, he credits getting clean and sober with helping him get back in shape and opening the doors to modeling.  “Staying humble, staying active in my recovery… nothing has ever made me such a happy person,” he posted on Facebook.

Minsky is a prime example of not giving in to pity or doubt: “Everyone’s life is different, and everyone’s setback is their own ’biggest thing’ in their life,” he says. “We all need to figure out how to get over that for ourselves.”

Photos: Gabriel Gastelum for The Underwear Expert, Eric Schwabel,


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