Meet Andy Herren Of “Big Brother 15,” The Gay Contestant Who Already Deserves To Win

He’s funny, smart, and savvy. And maybe he’d date us!

Big Brother 15 is almost upon us, and while the cutthroat, animalistic version of The Sims isn’t going to win a Peabody Award anytime soon, it’s the perfect summer fling. You can’t not pick a favorite contestant every year. Hell, there was that one year when I ended up rooting for Porsche, guys. PORSCHE. She was named after a car that’s smarter than she is.

Usually we’re gifted with at least one reliable gay contestant each season (<3 long-haired Wil from last season <3), a firecracker-type who is both gregarious and nefarious. This season appears to be no exception: Andy Herren, an improv comic from Chicago who serves as a public speaking professor at a community college, seems fun, intelligent, and wise. According to his Facebook, he’s also out, which is a big step past some of the gays I knew in suburban Chicago growing up. Not all, but some. Oh, some.

Check out this interview with the jovial chap. Did I mention I’ll be recapping this season starting after its premiere, June 26? Because I will be.

Go, Andy, go!