Meet Team Fab 3 From ABC’s “Expedition Impossible”

The folks over at ABC must be pretty happy about the success of NBC’s The Voice despite the long-standing dominance of American Idol when it comes to competitive singing reality shows.

Why? Because on June 21st ABC kicks off Expedition Impossible, which on the surface at least, looks like a cross between CBS’ The Amazing Race and Discovery’s Out of the Wild. And as any competitive reality fan knows, The Amazing Race is the 900 pound gorilla when it comes to this kind of reality programming. But if there is room for both The Voice and Idol, maybe Expedition Impossible can score in the ratings as well.

An ABC press release describes the show this way:

exciting new summer series, “Expedition Impossible,” announces the
show’s 13 teams of three who will find themselves racing in a fun
expedition across vast deserts, over snow capped mountains and through
raging rivers in the beautifully exotic, fabled Kingdom of Morocco. Each
week a new stage of the expedition will be revealed to the teams. Will
they crumble under the pressure of having to think clearly in the wilds
of the great outdoors, or will they find a way to work together to
complete the expedition? After 10 stunning legs of competition with
drama, comedy and great characters, one team will cross the finish line
first to claim victory. Each winning team member will receive $50,000
($150,000 total for the team) as well a new Ford Explorer.

Naturally, our interest in the show hinges on whether or not it includes any gay racers and since you’re reading this post, the answer must be yes! Meet Team Fab.

AJ Gibson, 30, Los Angeles, CA, mortgage consultant

Ryan Carrillo, 36, Los Angeles, CA, business owner

Kari Gibson, 26, Los Angeles, CA, poker tournament hostess

Turns out AJ and Ryan used to date and are still friends. In fact, AJ, Ryan and Kari are all currently roommates which might be an advantage as they should already be pretty used to each others strengths and weaknesses.

I checked with the network and the Fab 3 did pick their own name. As you’ll see in a minute, some othe other team names are … odd, and I’m glad these guys came with their name rather than having the network label them as “fabulous.”

Next page! The hotness that is Dave Salmoni!

Despite the fact he’s straight, TV personality and outdoor enthusiast Dave Salmoni, the host of Expedition International, has popped up more than once on Obviously, that’s due to the fact that he’s incredibly attractive, which plenty of gay men and bi men have noticed. But Dave is also cool with his gay fans having told The Advocate he’s aware of his gay fanbase and “…and I think it’s awesome. They’ve been a really vocal group over the
years. I feel like my gay fans are the most appreciative. I get lots of
e-mails from them, and they’re not shy. A young girl may say, “Hey, I
really like you, you’re kinda cute,” whereas a gay guy will be like,
“Hey, take your shirt off more and you’ll get better ratings.”

Hmm, it remains to be seen if Salmoni will be going shirtless on Expedition International, but here are some pics of him to hold you over until then. Oh, and one video that is … interesting!


Next page! Meet the rest of the teams!

California Girls

Christina Chin, 24, Davis, CA, manager
Brittany Smith, 24, Rancho Murietta, CA, pro golfer
Natalie Smith, 25, Woodland, CA, teacher/coach

The cops

Robert Robillard, 43, Concord, MA, police officer (duh)
Dani Henderson, 34, Marlborough, MA, police officer
James Vaglica, 49, Billerica, MA, police officer

The country boys

Nicholas Coughlin, 28, Clinton, MS, internet marketing
Jason Cronin, 37, Pensacola Beach, MN, business owner/entrepreneur
Chad Robinson, 27, Bolton,MS, realtor

The fisherman

Gus Sanfilippo, 48, Gloucester, MA, fisherman
Nino Sanfilippo, 43, Gloucester, MA, fisherman
Joe Sanfilippo, 44, Gloucester, MA, fisherman

The football players

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, 31, Los Angeles, CA, broadcaster
Robert Ortiz, 27, Solana Beach, CA, business owner
Ricky Sharpe, 31, Costa Mesa, CA, coach

Grandpa’s warriors

Dick Smith, 69, Normal, IL, store owner
Steven Smith, 49, Savoy, IL, store owner
Sam Gibbs, 23, Thomasboro, IL, store manager

The gypsies

John Post, 29, Pensacola, FL, sustainable farmer
Taylor Filasky, 31, San Diego, CA, video producer
Eric Bach, 26, San Francisco, CA, sales

Latin persuasion

Dashia Imperiale, 44, New York, NY, fitness instructor
Raven Garcia, 30, Bronx, NY, freelance writer
Mai Reyes, 38, New York, NY, manager

Mom’s army

Eleanor Vanderbeck, 52, Reading, PA, bookkeeper
Ruthie Vanderbeck, 27, Reading, PA, realtor
Abbie Vanderbeck, 29, Norwalk, CT, nanny

No limits

Erik Weihenmayer, 42, Golden, CO, speaker/writer
Jeff Evans, 41, Boulder, CO, physician assistant
Ike Isaacson, 33, Topeka, KS, National Guard

New York fireman

Kevin Coursey, 39, Belle Harbor, NY, firefighter
Robert Kiley, 34, Rockaway Park, NY, firefighter
Michael Egan, 34, Rockaway Park, NY, firefighter

Team Kansas

Lindsey Haymond, 27, Houston, TX, teacher
Kelsey Fuller, 21, Overland Park, KS, student
Mackenzie Fuller, 18, Overland Park, KS, student