Meet the Cast of "The A-List: New York!" It's Logo's New Swanky Gay Reality Sausage Party!

Yes, Gawker totally led with this Rodiney & Reichen pic too… But how can I not? Woo-hoo!!!!!!!

Oh dear God, they’re coming! Just in case NYC wasn’t going to be crazy enough this summer, Gawker has just exposed the seething sexy man-pony-party that is going to be Logo’s answer to the “Real Housewives” meets “The Hills” – The A List: New York!

In this new “reality” show, we’ll follow a gaggle of upwardly mobile gays in NYC who are living their “fabulous” lives and prancing about “society” and well… Being gay and splashy. And I hear they’re going to be shooting (video) all over the city. Trust! Let the stalking begin.

And yes – as Gawker reports – there’s a lot of models involved. Because what’s reality TV without model casualties? But hey… These guys do have big, eventful lives going on, too. I mean, Reichen’s a vet for Chrissakes! The show is produced by the same folks who brought you “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” so… Watch out, NeNe!!!

Anyway, to aid you in your obsession of these folks for now (the show probably won’t air until the fall), here’s a bunch of photos (and video links – heh) of who’s-who in the “A List” cast, from Reichen right on down. Gack!

After the jump, get some man-action!!!

I know… This is like the only picture of Reichen ever with his shirt on. Sorry.

Official bio: Actor, model, author, activist, Air Force pilot, jewelry designer and one-time winner of CBS’ The Amazing Race, there is little Reichen has not conquered. Though most infamous for being the ex-boyfriend of *NSYNC’s lance bass, Reichen is currently making his Off-Broadway debut in My Big Gay Italian Wedding.

It certainly sounds like Reichen is being presented as the ringleader of the “A-List” brood. Follow him on Twitter: @ReichenLehmkuhl

Okay, folks… Here’s some Reichen skin for you, via

So, how long do you think until we have a meaty dance single from Reichen?

And now a nice Reichen headshot… Sigh.

For more, read a fun interview with Reichen by Mr. Mickey in Paper Magazine about this show (and the play, My Big Gay Italian Wedding).


Ummmm, yes please. Hola Rodiney!!!

Official bio info: Hailing from Brazil, Rodiney has found success as a model in Los Angeles and Miami. He has accompanied his boyfriend, Reichen Lehmkul, to New York, to stake his claim in the modeling capitol of the world.

Gosh, Rodiney’s pretty. And he models and strides about in front of the camera really nicely. Check out his own YouTube channel, full of his Brazilian buffness splashing around. Is it wrong that I’m swoony about this one?

Rodiney’s swirly swimsuit crotch is hypnotizing me. Must. Tan. NOW!!!

Also, I did a Google image search for Rodiney… I invite you to do the same. Hubba!!! And you can follow him on Twitter at @Rodi_Santiago, but he doesn’t seem to Tweet too much. And I hope you speak Portuguese.

Reichen & Rodiney, like all good A-gays, like to go to benefits. A lot.

Click to watch Rodiney and Reichen getting interviewed at the GLAAD Awards here in NYC!

Meet Ryan. Ryan… Meet the world!

Official bio: A West Village salon owner and beauty expert, Ryan is on the brink of engineering a lifestyle empire. Legally married to his partner, they enter the next phase of their relationship as they pursue adding children to their family, and to their penthouse and summer home, of course.

Total disclosure: I’ve met Ryan before and he’s very sweet. He and his husband do lots of great charitable things (they’re big supporters of the Ali Forney Center, which provides housing and services to homeless LGBT youth in NYC) and… Well, I hope the show goes well for him.

Follow Ryan on Twitter: @RyanNickulas Then go get a haircut (it’ll cost you at least $125) and say hi!

And then there’s…

Official bio: A celebrity photographer, video director and superstar in his own right, Mike Ruiz’s client list is a “who’s who” of A-List glitterati: Tyra, Dolly, RuPaul, Beyonce, Justin, 50, Britney and Christina. A fan favorite on RuPaul’s Drag Race, America’s Next Top Model and My Life on the D-List, Mike is a legend in the making, one who has become very much a part of the A-List crowd he captures on film.

Who needs a torn tank-top when you’ve got some foxy red drapery?

Hola, Daddy!!!!! I’m conflicted about Mike Ruiz. He’s hot! And he’s a totally legit celeb photographer. So… does he need to be on this show? Oh hell, who cares. Keep working out, Mike!!!

Factoid: Mike Ruiz is originally from Montreal and he starred in the 1997 gay indie film, Latin Boys Go to Hell.

Follow Mike on Twitter, kids: @MikeRuiz1

Official bio: Austin returns to New York after a highly publicized breakup from designer Marc Jacobs a year-and-a-half ago. He left New York shortly after, modeling and living in London and Los Angeles. Now Austin is back in NYC to reclaim his spot on the A-List. Last time the paparazzi and gossip columns had a field day with him because of who he was dating. This time, he is braving them alone.

Wha…? Why is this guy the one Marc Jacobs ex-boyfriend I’ve never heard of? And he looks hot and sweaty with that tennis racket (above). I like his nostrils, too. And he’s single? And a former pole vaulter??? Hmmmmmm… “Hey, Austin… I know people at Logo. Want more screen time? Come sit by me.”

Nice torso, dude. Manscape, much?

Click to see some really hot modeling shots of Austin… In undies, in boots… and a nice shot of him in the shower! Yay!

And last but not least…

Official bio: This southern boy seemed an unlikely candidate for the A-List growing up, but his drive and career in model management has afforded him luxuries people his age only dream about. Derek rubs elbows with celebrities and is seen every night on the party circuit, looking for the right (rich) man, who can match his lifestyle, enabling Derek to retire at 27.

Derek (as Gawker pointed out) has a nice apartment. Check it out via Time Out.

And wait… Derek’s got his own YouTube channel too. Yikes!

So… There you go. Like the guys? Eager to see the show? Whattya think?

And finally, here’s a pic (via and photographer Joseph Marzullo) of the cast out catching Reichen in his Off-Broadway gig. Nice! But who’s the guy on the far right??? Oh, the intrigue…

Photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN

Stay tuned for more, folks!

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.