Meet the Logo30: Stephanie Miller

The radio talk show star comes to the left, from the right.

Every day during the month of June, we will be spotlighting our 2019 Logo30. This powerful series profiles ordinary and extraordinary people who show pride in unique and provocative ways. Visit the Logo30 homepage to learn more about the series.

Radio talk show host Stephanie Miller’s political education started at home: She’s the daughter of William Miller, Barry Goldwater’s 1964 Republican presidential running mate. While her family remained on the right, Miller took a turn to the left. Developing a serious jones for comedic performance starting in high school, she has made a career out of pairing humor with her progressive politics on her No. 1 rated radio shows at KABC and KFI in Los Angeles and other radio stations in New York and Chicago, before taking The Stephanie Miller Show nationwide.

“I wanted to be Carol Burnett, and then all my dreams died, and I ended up in radio,” Miller deadpans. “But then I realized politics, and radio, are in my blood, and I love what I get to do. And then Carol Burnett came on the show and said, ‘You don’t want to be the next Carol Burnett. You want to be the first Stephanie Miller. And you are. You are the Carol Burnett of radio.’ And then I cried.”

“See, kids?” she continues, “Sometimes your dreams turn out differently than you think, but maybe better.”

Miller recently launched the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network which features podcasts from smart, funny, podcasting progressives including herself, John Fugelsang, Frangela, Randi Rhodes, Dean Obeidallah, and others.

Watch Logo’s full interview with Miller.

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