Meet the Nominees for Best Global Destination for the 2011 NewNowNext Travel Awards


Where’s your favorite place on earth? The best place to travel with your personal posse? Or with your big sweetheart? It could be a new place that just blew you away, or maybe it’s that destination you keep going back to year after year, swooning in a new way each time.

Below are the locales nominated for Best Global Destination in the 2011 NewNowNext Travel Awards… Check ’em out!



“It didn’t get the nickname ‘Isle of Beauty’ for nothing,” says Charles Runnette. “This birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte is like a pu-pu sample platter of the best of the Mediterranean: Italian-influenced French food, beautiful sandy beaches, stunning seaside towns and the relaxed yet chic feeling of the Cote D’Azur, without the throngs of nouveau riche nitwits.” (Vote via Twitter using #NNNTA_Corsica.)
“In addition to being the gateway to Europe, London is also a madcap hub of nightlife,” opines Duane Wells. “Clubs are packed nightly, museums are free, the fashion is trendsetting and let’s face it, it’s the place on everyone’s lips with the Olympics coming up! London may not have been this hot since the 60’s and the popularity of Pippa and James Middleton is proof thereof.” (Vote via Twitter using #NNNTA_London.)
“At the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Arab world, this city has managed to charm curious travelers for dozens of years. It’s true the near constant flow of big hotel openings and reopenings recently — like the new Four Seasons this past summer, the soon-to-open Rocco Forte and the recent reopening of the glorious Mamounia — has helped keep the city at the forefront of every travelers mind. But more than anything else, it’s the spectacular food that draws even the most jaded globetrotter back, over and over.” – Charles Runnette (Vote via Twitter using #NNNTA_Marrakesh.)
TripOut’s John Polly is a big Montreal booster: “It’s arty, historic, boho-chic and full of sexy young 20- and 30-somethings. There’s always a cool place to drink and stellar restaurants abound. And when Canada-nice meets Euro-cool, you can’t lose.” (Vote via Twitter using #NNNTA_Montreal.)
Globetrotter and gay-travel expert Ed Salvato is all about classic and kinetic Shanghai, putting it slyly: “Sophisticated restaurants and sizzling nightlife… All in a “commie” country!” Travel writer Adam Graham loved his recent trip there, noting “Shanghai is a universe of its own. I love how the locals here want authentic design and craftsmanship instead of name brands.” (Vote via Twitter using #NNNTA_Shanghai.)
Because it’s mad, manic and mesmerizing. Or as Financial Times freelancer Mark Ellwood puts it: “Tokyo never fails to astonish me. And Tokyo needs our tourism more than ever now.” (Vote via Twitter using #NNNTA_Tokyo.)


John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.