Meet Todrick’s Hall’s Alter Ego, Mickey Minaj


Meet Mickey Minaj, sister-in-spirit to Nicki Minaj.

Taking everything you loved about the Minajesty, Hall has masterfully reworked some of her most classics bangers with a bit of help from Cinderella, Arielle, Snow White, Jasmine, even Maleficent–all played, well duh, by Todrick.

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In this iteration though, you won’t find any starships, instead carpets… magic ones… got it? The whirlwind line-up of Minaj tunes includes “Starships,” “Fly,” “Anaconda,” “Feelin’ Myself,” “Hey Mama,” “Dance (A$$),” “I Endorse These Strippers,” “Bang Bang,” “Pills & Potions,” “Monster,” “Roman’s Revenge,” “Turn Me On,” “The Night Is Still Young” and of course, “Super Bass.”

As for that hottie in the red booty shorts, yeah, he ain’t bad (and neither is what he packing).

Check out Todrick’s latest video below.

Be sure to tune in to the premiere of Todrick on Monday, August 31, at 10pm.