Megan Mullally Has One Strange Sleepover In Her New Music Video

Where's Jack?

We know you’re used to seeing Megan Mullally chug gin and throw back some pills as Karen Walker on Will & Grace, but before she returns for the NBC sitcom’s revival this fall, Mullally is debuting new music from her band, Nancy and Beth.

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Mullally was a member of the group Supreme Music Program, who released three albums, the latest being 2007’s Free Again.

In 2012 she started another band, this time with actress, Stephanie Hunt. The duo go by the stage name Nancy and Beth (note neither one of them are named Nancy or Beth), and are releasing their self-titled album next month.

In the video the women have what looks to be the weirdest sleepover ever as they wear identical outfits and run, skip and lounge around a giant empty mountain house that should leave any AirB&Ber green with envy.

nancy beth 2

The video is for their cover of Wynonna Carr’s blues number “Please Mr. Jailer,” but the album features other contemporary songs like their version of “Vibrate” by Rufus Wainwright.

“We are taking that idea of that old-fashioned entertainment that was so popular back in the day with musicals [like] Singin’ in the Rain, and we’re bringing it to this band with just a little bit more modern sensibility, and there’s kind of a wink involved,” Mullally told Rolling Stone. “We’re not taking ourselves completely seriously.”

That’s certainly clear after watching the offbeat video that will have fans scratching their heads and hitting the repeat button.

Maybe for the next single Sean Hayes could make a kooky cameo?

If you like what you hear you can download their new album when it is released on April 7, and catch them on tour throughout June:

April 8 – Los Angeles, CA @ Largo
April 9 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
April 10 – New York, NY @ Joe’s Pub
April 11 – Philadelphia, PA @ World Café Live
April 12 – Boston, MA @ The Wilbur Theater
April 20 – London, UK @ Royal Festival Hall
April 22 – Manchester, UK @ Palace Theatre
May 6 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theater
May 7 – Charleston, WV @ NPR Mountain Stage
May 9 – New York, NY @ Joe’s Pub
June 16 – Chicago, IL @ City Winery
June 23 – North Adams, MA @ Solid Sound Fest

Will & Grace airs weekdays on Logo.

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