Ke$ha Thinks Perez Is a Bully, Kellan Lutz Makes Us Vibrate, Dylan O’Brien In “The Internship”

Snoop Lion’s garbled view on gays in rap, Monsters University really is Animal House, and Barney Frank doesn’t care what al-Qaeda thinks of his marriage

If you can, imagine a time when Tom Daley donned a Speedo, and it wasn’t a good thing. At the 2013 Diving World Series in Tom DaleyEdinburgh, Daley’s beautiful body was marred by some serious razor burn. You’re not a swimmer, you’re a diver Tom – I can’t imagine letting your fur grow will make a splash. Try out your natural look.

Sir Elton John says that Lady Gaga is godmother to both his sons, and she’s not afraid to go hands on. One time he recalls her coming to Las Vegas for his show, and was already dressed for the show when it was time for Zachary’s bath. “She was already dressed to go to the show, and she was sitting there and she bathed him, and she was like dressed like Audrey Hepburn. We’re all bonkers in this business, but we’re human beings at the same time.”

Justin TuckThe FCC put out a call for people to respond to a proposal to relax indecency standards on broadcast television, from nudity to swearing. While the networks haven’t filed responses, the public has weighed in with 80,000 of them, overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the status quo.

 Justin Tuck of the New York Giants was asked about the possibility of a gay teammate, and had the perfect response. “If the Giants bring in a gay football player and he’s helping me win football games…I could give a damn.”

Accountants say they’re getting a ton of questions from same-sex couples about the tax implications of the Supreme Court striking down DOMA. While there are many things to plan for, they do recommend filing a protective claim. This would entitle you to a refund if your tax bill would have been smaller had your marriage been recognized, but there’s a statute of limitations on when you can file the claim,and a protective claim extends that.Ke$ha

Ke$ha says that Perez Hilton ruined her relationship when he published intimate photos of the singer and her boyfriend in 2010. “He single-handedly ruined the only relationship that’s ever meant anything to me. My family doesn’t have to deal with this. He stands for everything I hate. Everything I’m against.”

In Paris, high-end salon The G-Day, which caters to gay men will be hosting a wedding boutique centered around gay men wishing to marry, with vendors who are ready to cater to the new field of same-sex weddings. The boutique is going to be open by this Saturday.

The Employment Non Discrimination Act was introduced yesterday, and while I consider passage to be dicey at best, advocates are already worried about the religious exemption being too broad. “It gives a stamp of legitimacy to LGBT discrimination that our civil rights laws have never given to discrimination Omar Borkan Al Galabased on an individual’s race, sex, national origin, age, or disability,” the four progressive organizations wrote, adding that the exemption could, for example, allow hospitals and universities with any religious affiliation to discriminate.”

We’ve been hearing for a week about a man being deported from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome, and now we know it was Dubai photographer Omar Borkan Al Gala. I have to say, he’s beyond handsome, but is that really a reason to kick him out of the country?

I’ve been thinking that the proposed lifting of the ban on gay youth the Boy Scouts are planning, and how maintaining the ban on adult volunteers was making the situation worse, but this managed to say it better than I ever could.

UK gay novelist Neil Spring’s The Ghost Hunters was released on pre-order last week, and has rocketed to the #1 spot on Amazon Hot New Releases Bestseller List of Horror Thrillers.Scarlet Witch Quicksilver

Joss Whedon says that in The Avengers 2, “I’ve got these two characters, two of my favorite characters from the comic books, a brother/sister act. They’re in the movie, that’s exciting.” Everybody is speculating this means Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, which is interesting because those characters are also mutants, and are normally associated with The X-Men, which Fox owns the rights too. But evidently those two characters’ rights are complicated, and it Barney Frank Jim Readycomes down to who uses them first, Disney or Fox.

Al-Qaeda attacked Barney Frank’s marriage in their latest issue of Inspire, the irregular magazine they publish. But Frank doesn’t really care what al-Qaeda thinks, and is amused by the similarities to other critics. “I thought there was an irony there. It sounded like what the tea party said when I got married. I wonder how the right wing in America feels about being aligned with al-Qaeda. There is an irony that the most active anti-gay [groups] are al-Qaeda and the American right-wing.”

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Sesame Street had Kellan Lutz on as a guest with Cookie Monster, and while Cookie Monster was, as expected, single minded (what ever happened to having him be healthier, and learning cookies are a “sometimes food?”), I couldn’t help but be single minded about the word Kellan wanted to discuss, vibrate. There were entirely inappropriate thoughts for a Sesame Street video running through my head every time he said the word.

There’s a new trailer for The Internship, starring Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson as they try and survive the internship program at Google. This trailer shows what will likely be an awful and forgettable movie, except for one thing – Dylan O’Brien in nerdy glasses. Dylan O’Brien in nerdy glasses playing Quiddich. Dylan O’Brien makes everything better.

On VH1 Morning Buzz, Snoop Lion got asked about his comments that the rap world will never accept a gay rapper. Snoop is all over the place here, asserting that he’s fine with a gay rapper, and gays in general, but that rap culture was forged in a different time. That much I can accept. But his insistence on using the word masculine as exclusionary towards gays is insulting, and his football analogy is terrible. Still, he finishes, with some prompting, that the day will come when an out rapper can be successful.

The new trailer for Monsters University basically confirms what we already knew, that this is Animal House done by Pixar. Still, Helen Mirren as the Dean is positively captivating and more than a little scary. Can Pixar really pull off a children’s version of a frat movie? It sounds impossible, but I’ve learned to never bet against Pixar.

Davey Wavy decided to ask old people what they think about gay sex, and the video is not at all what you expected. It’s a little naughty, but I’m not going to call it NSFW. But you can learn a life lesson from this.

Bryan Fisher thinks that it’s fine to discriminate against gay people in employment. In fact, he doesn’t understand when the word discriminate became a bad thing. We discriminate against shoplifters all the time. Why not gay people?

I’ve spent a lot of time lately mocking Ryan Lochte, because let’s face, he’s pretty, but he’s infinitely mockable. But part of what keeps him from being completely unbearable is the fact that he seems to understand his limitations, and is willing to have fun with them, like this Funny Or Die spoof of a new cologne commercial for Pool Water, and it even has that special Lochte ingredient he adds to pool water. Sure, he seems to have trouble reading the teleprompter, but I kind of love the fact that he’s game for this kind of thing, or at least his people understand the need for it.

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