Boy Scouts Poised For Open Scouting, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Don Jon” Doesn’t Look Addictive

Barney Frank supports non-GLBT inclusive immigration bill, Justin Bieber requires a waiver to party, and Derek has a bad day on Teen Wolf.

Ellen DeGeneres Portia de RossiEllen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have dropped $26.5 million on a 10,000 square foot home in Montecito, making them neighbors of Oprah. The property is stunning, with ocean views everywhere, 13 acres, what appears to be a wall with an actual portcullis, and nine fireplaces. This is their ninth home.

Just hours before the Boy Scouts vote to allow open scouting for junior members, the organization’s president says that the new policy is the right thing to do. Wayne Perry says “While some people wish the proposed resolution would go further, it was clear from our listening phase that changing adult standards would have conflicted with the majority of our partners, 70% of which are religious organizations, and would have disrupted our ability to deliver Scouting. Conversely, some have asserted that the proposed change for youth runs counter to the values of, and raises concerns among, Scouting’s religious chartered organizations. We are unaware of any major religious chartered organization that believes a youth member simply stating he or she is attracted to the same sex, but not engaging in sexual activity, should make him or her unwelcome in their congregation. We reviewed a variety of policy options and concluded this option would provide kids a place to belong while they learn and grow.”

Damon StefanAmazon is launching Kindle Worlds Publishing, specifically for fan fiction. Legal fanfiction. They have a licensing agreement with Alloy Entertainment that will allow outside writers to create fiction set in the worlds of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries, with proceeds from the sales being split between Amazon, Alloy, and the authors. But John Scalzi notes there are some serious downsides, like the ability of Alloy to coop your fiction for inclusion in canon without additional compensation, and pornography is forbidden, so slashers will have to be careful.

We always seem to hear about green companies defaulting on loans, but Tesla is a success story, The purveyor of exotic electric cars just repaid their DOE loan early – way early, wiring $452 million that wasn’t due until 2022.Joe Francis

Is your city famous for being religious? Then it’s probably viewing a lot of porn, and PornHub has the statistics to back up that claim.

Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame was convicted of assault on some girls in his home, which he denies. He’s not a big fan of the jury that convicted him, obviously. “I want that jury to know that each and every one of you are mentally f—ing retarded and you should be euthanized because, as Darwin said, you have naturally selected yourself. And if that jury wants to convict me because I didn’t show up, which is the only reason why they did, then, you know, they should all be lined up and shot!” As for his critics, “Anybody who criticizes me, anybody who — it’s just a jealous guy. Everybody who says, ’Oh, Joe Francis is this’ — look at their penis and tell me if it’s small. Tell me!”

Barney FrankFormer Senator Barney Frank is supportive of a comprehensive immigration bill that excludes GLBT families. “The choice we have is not between an Immigration Bill which helps same-sex couples and one that doesn’t, but a choice between an Immigration Bill that does not include same-sex couples or no bill at all. Opting for no bill at all–which would have been the result if Sen. Leahy offered his amendment–would not help LGBT couples, but it would deprive millions of people of needed help.”

ExxonMobile, famous for providing no discrimination protection for GLBT employees or any benefits, is being sued for discrimination in hiring practices after a sting operation in Illinois. Two candidates were submitted for a single job, one highly qualified but with GLBT organizations on her resume, and a less qualified candidate without. ExxonMobile repeatedly pursued the straight candidate. While Texas law provides no basis for the suit, the test took place in Illinois, which does.Justin Bieber

If you want to party with Justin Bieber, you’ll have to sign a waiver saying you will never speak of it under penalty of a $5 million lawsuit, and you absolve him of any responsibility if you get hurt. Or killed.

In shocking news, an off duty soldier in the UK was beheaded by two men in broad daylight, allegedly as payback for serving in Afghanistan and killing Muslims. Police shot both men, and it is being called a terrorist act at this time.

Edward Peters, legal advisor to the Vatican, says that if the man who committed suicide in Notre Dame did so because of marriage equality, “If it turns out that Venner killed himself in protest over France’s new ’gay marriage’ law, then, besides condemning the classical scandal his deed produced, one may further observe that all he really accomplished was to make Vin Dieselopponents of ’gay marriage’ look like kooks, and to deprive, for a time, the faithful of France of a particularly powerful place of worship from which to ask God’s help in preserving the natural and holy institution of marriage in their nation.”

Vin Diesel says his body restricts the roles he can play. “Being a physical presence will rule you out of a lot of roles. I couldn’t have done Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with that physical presence. But I like it as part of me; it’s part of what I represent, and I think if Humphrey Bogart were around today he’d be a lot bigger.” He also claims, somewhat dubiously, “Hollywood is more concerned about its male actors being in shape than its female actors.”

I just want to go on record that Steve Wilhite, the creator of the Graphics Interchange Format, does not pronounce his creation properly. He’s a fan of the “soft G” pronunciation, or JIF, when it’s clearly a “hard G” or GIF.

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It always happens. Nobody wants it to happen to them, but it happens every year. A film actually gets booed at Cannes. This year, it’s Only God Forgives starring Ryan Gosling, which no doubt will lead to a Sad Gosling. But one thing critics do like about the film is the evil mother played by Kristin Scott Thomas. Just how evil? Watch this extremely NSFW clip of her meeting Ryan’s girlfriend.

Just how fast does the earth spin? Really fast. Fast enough to negate gravity just a bit.

Donald Rumsfield isn’t sure about marriage equality. He seems to think the Supreme Court Justices that worry about polygamy have a point. But at least he’s smart enough to admit he really knows nothing about the subject. He should have done that at the beginning of the interview.

Delivery Man is about a man who, thanks to a mix up at the local sperm bank, fathered over 500 children, who are now suing to learn his identity. I’m not entirely sure what the liability is here, since a licensed sperm bank should shield donors from any financial responsibility. But I’m sure there will be hijinks.

No More Wimpouts is running this ad in Dallas, where the Boy Scouts are preparing to vote on allowing gay members. They take the time to bash Speaker Boehner as well, so it’s probably just an opportunistic effort to get attention.

The first trailer is out for Don Jon, written, directed and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a simple man who likes his body, his church, his family, his boys and his girls. And his porn. Until he meets that one girl. Honestly, I had some high hopes for this thing, but it looks like a stupid romcom that mocks romcoms while actually being a romcom.

I’ve always wondered why toothpaste and orange juice don’t mix. It’s really true of any juice or tropical flavor. My pineapple pre-workout supplement is just terrible after I brush my teeth. But there’s a reason it sucks.

MTV Geek decided to ask Kevin McHale to sort the characters of Glee into the Houses on Game of Thrones. When it comes to out Kurt and Blaine, he seems to use the bookends theory on gay pairings that so many straight people use. Find two and they must be a match, right?

This teaser for Teen Wolf has been out since the 13th, but it’s unlisted, so I only found it now. It looks like Derek may be having a bad day. This might hurt.

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