Meme: Joe Manganiello Talks Three Ways, Piers Morgan Interviews a Nude Breckin Meyers, One Direction Smooch

Lorna Colbert passes away, Man of Steel faster than a speeding bullet, Teen Wolf brings together former enemies

Breckin Meyer Mark Paul GosselaarEvidently, Mark Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer will do anything to get you to watch Franklin & Bash, including being interviewed by Piers Morgan completely naked with Heather Locklear sitting at the table. I still haven’t found the actual video, but the stills are priceless.

Man of Steel is doing better at the box office than expected. Initial estimates said $80-$100 million, but now it’s expected to win the weekend with $115-$125 million. This Is the End will take in a respectable $20 million for the three day period for second place.

The German Cabinet has adopted a bill to give equal tax status to same-sex couples, as ordered by the courts. The bill now goes to the lower house, which is scheduled to vote on it June 28.

President ObamaPresident Obama has named two gay men to be ambassadors in Europe. Ruffus Gifford, who was a finance chair of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, will go to Denmark, while James Costos, an HBO executive, will be the ambassador to Spain if confirmed.

It is with a sad heart that I announce the passing of Lorna Colbert, mother of Stephen Colbert, at the age of 92. In February, Colbert cancelled the taping of two shows for the first time ever when his mother fell ill. Our thoughts are with the Colbert family at this time.

Matt Damon is being courted for a movie about the Catholic Church pedophilia scandals, to be based on the Pulitzer Prize-Matt Damonwinning coverage of the Boston Globe. Damon would play journalist Mike Rezendez.

The Social Security Administration has announced new rules that will allow the transgender community to update their records with their accurate gender. While the SSA doesn’t directly use gender in their benefits, they feed records of dozens of federal systems, including Medicare. Previously, proof of surgery was required, but the new rules allow a wide range of evidence.

Texas Governor Rick Perry took time out of his schedule to sign the “Merry Christmas Bill” designed to remove the legal risks of saying “Merry Christmas” in schools. Perry says Rick Perry“Religious freedom does not mean freedom from religion.” Actually, that’s part of what it means. There’s no way this can pass muster in front of the Supreme Court.

These characters from your childhood were more than a little queer.

Jeb Bush thinks that the Republican Party needs to work on messaging if they want to win elections. “My general thought is that the focus ought to be on how you get fifty plus one. Not how you win amongst forty-five. And that’s kind of where we are where everybody has a view that’s slightly different than one another and certainly social conservatives are a huge part of a winning coalition which means that we have to change our language to be inclusive but not abandon principle and that’s not as hard, I think, as people make it out to be.” It’s actually not your delivery, it’s that the joke you’re telling isn’t funny.

Anderson CooperEvidently “daddies” are in fashion now. Older men are a must have accessory in the gay world. “If you’re hearing daddy more and more, I think that it’s because more gay men are allowing themselves to be attracted to different types of people. Rather than a uniform experience of beauty, people want a personalized experience of it. What could be more personalized than a daddy? It expresses character, relationship, experience,” according to Conner Habib. Personally, I’m 41, and can’t get a guy roughly my age to even glance at me, but the 22-year-olds are suddenly really interested.

A New Jersey Assembly panel has passed the bill banning gay reparative therapy out with a vote 5-0 in support.

We’re about to know just how crazy True Blood has gotten this season, but Joe Manganiello knew they had to go big to top last year, so he was happy his character went for a threesome. “This crazy wild three-way…is kind of the beginning and the end of all the perks of being a pack master. It’s the most thankless job in the world except for the random occasional three-way. It’s pretty intense. I think they looked at the footage from last year and thought, ’Where do we go from here?’ And they figured it out.”

At the University of Chicago, a postal carrier had to deliver a bunch of shipping boxes to a fraternity. After several loads to the front door, it was pointed out the shipment was addressed to “Reggin Toggaf.” Try reading it backwards. The postal service has suspended mail delivery to the address, and the university is investigating, while the fraternity claims it was a prank by a rival frat.

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The second trailer from Lee DanielsThe Butler is out, telling the story of White House butler Cecil Gaines, who witnessed history over 37 years serving presidents. It has half of Hollywood in it, and is no doubt Oscar bait.

Out GLBT authors reflect on how the gay movement has changed, and how they sought to enrich culture, and their own lives by writing characters that were true to the GLBT experience that they knew, even before it was acceptable to do so.

Teen Wolf is looking to bring some unholy alliances this week as they seek to tame the wild werewolves they unleashed on the town last week. I can’t say I didn’t see this cooperation coming but it wasn’t quite like this in my head.

Speaking of Teen Wolf, Jack Black stopped by Jimmy Kimmel and imagined what the modern sequel to the original film would look like, as the teen wolf grew up and tried to find his place in the world. It’s not pretty.

Australian Lt. Gen. David Morrison is leading an investigation into emails and communications in the armed forces that were sexist and inappropriate, and frankly, he’s not going to put up with this shit. I’d love to see more leaders being this frank.

One Direction has put out a teaser for their new perfume, and the guys must find it irresistible, because one steals a kiss.

OWN is set to air God & Gays on June 20th, a followup to Lisa Ling’s special on the ex-gay movement. Except this time there’s a twist. Alan Chambers, founder of the ex-gay movement, will confront people who have been damaged by reparative therapy, and apologize for the harm he’s done.

This gibbon doesn’t seem to understand how a bridge works, but you have to admit, he struts like a supermodel on the runway.

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