Meme: Rick Santorum Becoming a Movie Mogul, Taco Bell Testing “Protein” Meals, Alan Turing Biopic Being Degayed

Barney Frank wants to wait on an executive order preventing discrimination, Carver twins are The Leftovers, the Gay Online Rejection Tutorial

Rick SantorumIf you were wondering what Rick Santorum was up to, if you guessed becoming a film mogul, you were correct. He’s now CEO of EchoLight Studios, which has raised $20 million to release faith-based and family films. Calling Kirk Cameron!

New documents obtained by the Associated Press should kill the IRS scandal, because the IRS wasn’t just singling out the Tea Party for extra scrutiny, but also groups with “progressive” and “occupy” in their names. So basically, they were looking more closely at groups with an obvious political slant that should never have been tax exempt in the first place, on both sides of the political spectrum.

Allyson RobinsonTaco Bell has begun testing a new “Power Protein” menu aimed at health conscious customers. Every item on the menu will have at least 20 grams of protein and less than 450 calories. They’re specifically calling it “protein” and not meat “because of the ingredients in the items.” Yay?

As the confusion about what happened at OutServe-SLDN continues to swirl, Allyson Robinson has now said she will stay on as director of the organization temporarily and leave at a time of her choosing. There’s no word on whether the board members and staffers who resigned when she was ousted over the weekend will return.

I want to say congratulations to my friend David Badash, founder of The New Civil Rights Movement (we link there often) on his upcoming marriage to his partner of five years, Caleb Eigsti this Friday in Massachusetts. David is a tireless advocate for our rights and truly a wonderful person.

The Manhattan Declaration signers know they can never win celebrities over, so their new strategy as they prepare for the Supreme Court rulings on marriage is civil disobedience and to focus on making “ourselves and our ideas as attractive to the ’persuadables’ as possible. Forget beating the entrenched opposition. When we debate in the public square and in social media, Cherour goal should be to win those silent observers whose commitments are shallow and subject to change.” So if you get their pitch, know that they think you’re shallow.

Cher is set to appear on Watch What Happens Live this Thursday, which might cause Andy Cohen to wet his pants on air. I know I would if I got to sit down and dish with Cher.

Vulture surveyed their readers on which shows they divorced this past season, and the number one response was Glee. I know that I’ve asked for a trial separation a few times, but I keep coming back to the show.

Some of my favorite books as a child were the Encyclopedia Brown series, and so I’m incredibly excited (and a bit scared) that Warner Bros. is planning on making a movie about the boy detective. I Nolan Gouldhave no idea who I would cast in that role. Maybe Nolan Gould? He is a genius.

There will be no criminal indictment for the anti-gay and slightly looney Eugene Delgadio, the Loudon County executive who used staffers to fundraise for projects not related to the city. It seems less about what he did, than the fact that the state civil code is unclear.

Marine Matthew Simmons has won Mr. Gay World USA, and will compete in Belgium at the finals in August. I’m a little confused if he’s actually active duty or not (and if he is, how would he travel to support the win?), but I’m a bit disturbed that he wore his uniform in the competition. While Marines look hot in their dress uniforms, I’m not entirely sure it’s appropriate to use the uniform in a beauty pageant.

In case you were worried, Rusty the Red Panda has been found in a tree near the National Zoo after he escaped overnight. Poor little guy wasn’t even out long enough to have his own Twitter account as far as I can tell.Charlie Carver Max Carver

Teen Wolf’s Charlie and Max Carver have been cast in HBO’s The Leftovers pilot, about those left behind after the Rapture trying to rebuild society. They’re set to play free spirited teens (and very buff ones) who proved some of the comic relief for the show.

Andrew Hodges, the author of The Imitation Game, which the Hollywood biopic of Alan Turing is based on, is criticizing the film for degaying Turing, while playing up a relationship with Joan Clarke, who is his “complicated love interest.” Benedict Cumberbatch is set to play Turing, but if they degay him, I think it’s safe to say I’m going to lose a lot of respect for him.

A federal court has ruled in favor of a teenager kicked out of class for voicing his disapproval of homosexuality when the topic was being discussed in class. This may be a tough ruling to swallow, but it’s really what we want, Will Smithbecause speech goes both ways, and from accounts, he wasn’t bullying.

In case you were wondering, Will Smith won’t be in the two upcoming Independence Day sequels because he’s “too expensive.” Maybe after bombs like After Earth, Smith would be willing to drop his price to be in a guaranteed hit.

Former Rep. Barney Frank says that it’s the wrong time for President Obama to sign an executive order banning discrimination of GLBT persons with federal contractors. “I would have him not sign it yet. There’s a lot of attack on him for exceeding executive power and doing things by executive order. And he’s in a major fight over that about to come now, where he’s about to issue an executive order restricting emissions from power plants. And there’s even a danger that this right-wing [Supreme] Court would overturn that as too far. I would say this: push to take back the House from the right-wing, and if that happens, then we should push for it to be legislated, because if it’s legislated, then it’s for everybody. If we don’t take the House back, then before he goes out of office, he should do it. But I would ask him to — I would want him to hold off now and give us a chance to do this legislatively. But that will depend on the next election.”Barney Frank

I love a furry man, but I’d like it to be his own fur, not a coat made of other men’s chest hair. But maybe I’m just weird.

CBS is retooling The McCarthys, the show about a big Irish-Catholic, sports obsessed family and their gay son who wants to spend less time with them. It will change from a single camera to a multicamera show, and talks are currently underway with the stars about reshooting.

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Google Maps took their trekker inside the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, collecting stunning views from the bottom to the spire of the giant structure. Since it’s somewhere I’ll probably never see, this is as good as it gets.

Scotch Tape is a web series about some guys that just never seem to quite get it right. I follow it through Jon Hall, the big Warbler that was so fond of Chris Colfer on Glee. Here they show you some things that straight guys will just never admit.

Since my column is the Meme, it seems only appropriate that we watch this video of Richard Dawkins, the inventor of the idea that information can spread virally like genes, introducing The Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase, and discussing the idea of a Meme. Stick with it, it gets trippy.

You might remember Robbie Joe Banfitch from his Gay Bar Rejection Tutorial and other helpful videos. Now he’s back with the Online Rejection Tutorial, since that’s how most of us meet people these days. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy some canned champagne.

The Equality Network in Scotland has put together this video called It’s Time to lobby for marriage equality. It’s filled with Scottish celebrities that I don’t recognize other than Alan Cumming, but what makes it so powerful is the use of ordinary people across the spectrum in love.

We may have built the Burj Khalifa in modern times, but ancient people built some pretty amazing structures themselves, without our technology and engineering skills.

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