Meme: Anne Rice Backs Paula Deen, Miley Cyrus Supports Lesbians On Disney Channel, and Is Danny Doomed On “Teen Wolf?”

NOM claims Canada imprisoning anti-gay priests, Father Tiger’s “First Love,” and Zachary Quinto hopes SCOTUS decision is galvanizing

Zachary QuintoZachary Quinto says he doesn’t know what the Supreme Court is going to decide, but he’s hopeful for the future when it happens. “We’ll see what happens… I’m certainly not going to hazard against it to say what happens, but I hope it’s a galvanizing moment, and I’m hopeful that [equal marriage] will be supported and we’ll continue to move forward. I think no matter what happens, it’s an unstoppable wave at this point, and I’ve said that before because I really believe it.”

If you’re hoping for Team Gay representation from Teen Wolf at Comic-Con, you’ll have to make due with Max Carver’s Ethan, because Keahu Kahuanui (who was at last night’s Hot 100 party in LA) isn’t scheduled to attend.

Just last week we saw a study that showed that GLBT persons faced significant discrimination in the housing market, but Reps. Jerrold Nadler and John Coyers have introduced the Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) Act that would amend the Secretary HagelFair Housing Act to cover sexual orientation, gender identity, source of income or martial status.

For the first time, a sitting Secretary of Defense has addressed a Pentagon Pride event. Secretary Hagel opened the event saying “Our nation has always benefitted from the service of gay and lesbian soldiers, sailors, airmen, coast guardsmen and Marines. Now, they can serve openly with full honor, integrity and respect. This makes our military and our nation stronger — much stronger.”

Anne RiceI’ve always adored Anne Rice. She’s never been afraid to speak her mind, from supporting her out son Christopher to renouncing Christianity. But she could pick a better person to rally behind than Paula Deen. “What’s happening with Paula Dean? Is it fair? I never heard of her until today, and wow, this looks like a crucifixion. I may be wrong but aren’t we becoming something of a lynch mob culture? Is this a good example of that?”

To clean the palette, let’s take a look at the NSFW images for the 2014 Warwick Rowing Calendar, which will benefit GLBT charities. Now isn’t that better?

The New Jersey Assembly has passed the bill banning gay reparative therapy for children Doctor Strangeby an overwhelming margin, and the Senate is expected to pass this version this week. It remains unclear what Governor Chris Christie will do with the bill.

Is Doctor Strange to become the new hub character for Marvel, much like Iron Man was for Phase One?

The good news is that we just found three Super Earths in the habitable zone around a red dwarf. The bad news is that they’re in a dynamically complex system 22 light years away.

Hey, Canada! The National Organization for Marriage is claiming that you’re arresting and imprisoning priests who speak out against homosexuality. “A broad ruling in favor of redefining marriage would be represent the most urgent threat to the religious freedom of pro-marriage Catholics and other Christians we have ever witnessed in this country. Countries that have redefined marriage (think Canada) are actively and aggressively fining and imprisoning Christian pastors and Catholic priests and bishops who continue to speak the truth about marriage and human sexuality from the pulpit.”Miley Cyrus

Last week we mentioned that Disney Channel was going to feature a pair of lesbian parents on Good Luck Charlie next year. When I sent that over to my buddy Heather Hogan at AfterEllen, she ran with it, and gained the support of the ultimate Disney Channel star, Miley Cyrus. “Is this true?!?!?! I commend Disney for making this step into the light of this generation. They control… so much of what kids think! Life isn’t bright sets & wardrobe & kids becoming superstars! This is INSPIRING”.

I really like the first part of this piece with Keahu Kahuanui about Danny on Teen Wolf, talking about love being in the air. Then he closed with “He gets pulled into a little bit of the trouble that’s going on with the Alpha pack, but not in the way you’d think he does. He has another trip to the hospital … he’s had a couple of trips to the hospital [already], you’d think he’d figure out that maybe Beacon Hills isn’t the best place for him. But Danny’s a survivor. So far.”  Which is the second Stephen Fryreference I’ve heard this year that Danny may not survive.

Stephen Fry says that’s he’s grateful for the warm support he’s received since revealing his suicide attempt last fall. ““Most people, a surging, warm, caring majority, have been kind. Almost too kind. There’s something a little flustering and embarrassing when a taxi-driver shakes you by the hand, looks deep into your eyes and says ‘You look after yourself, mate, yes? Promise me?’ I am writing this for any of you out there who are lonely too. I am luckier than many of you because I am lonely in a crowd of people who are mostly very nice to me and appear to be pleased to meet me. But I want you to know that you are not alone in your being alone.”

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We hear a lot of excuses in the heat of passion about why a partner doesn’t want to wear a condom (there are no good excuses), but none of them can top this Funny Or Die video with this straight couple. That would completely kill the moment.

Bill Hader calls this unaired Justin Bieber sketch the worst train wreck in Saturday Night Live history. This taping is from the dress rehearsal, and so many things go wrong it’s hard to count, from the stage falling on Bieber to everyone breaking character. So many SNL sketches are terrible that I’ve often wondered what doesn’t make it to air, and now we have a pretty good idea.

Having a bad day? This video might be able to help.

I’ve really gotten into Father Tiger since I bought their LP, and the video for “First Love” just cements how perfect I think they are. A portion of the proceeds from the iTunes sales will go toward marriage equality charities.

This guy spent a whole day coding an app specifically designed to allow him to avoid his friends based on their FourSquare checkins. The problem is, nobody checks in on FourSquare anymore.

If you happen to still be feeling the effects of some really good stuff from last night, you’ll love this hyperscaled video of a ride through Tokyo.

Finally, we have the trailer for One Direction’s concert movie 1D: This Is Us, in which they try to convince us that nobody expected this big of a sensation from these kids, who are just ordinary young men trying to make a go of it. It does include a couple of shirtless/pantsless homoerotic moments that have become their trademark.

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