Meme: Bishop Desmond Tutu Rejects a Homophobic Heaven, Gays Headed To “Once,” “Kick Ass 2” Does “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” Homage

Hal Sparks jokes without a net, Anthony Weiner finds conflict on the campaign, NBC hedges on gay propaganda laws during Olympics

Bishop Desmond TutuBishop Desmond Tutu is committed to the fight against homophobia, and he doesn’t think any God he worships is homophobic. “I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this. I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place.”

NBC has stated that they support equal rights in Russia, but as far as covering the gay propaganda laws in the Olympic broadcast, they say plans haven’t been finalized. At the TCA, they took that a step further into weasel territory, with NBC Sports Group Chairman Mark Lazarus saying “The IOC has addressed it with the Russian government and has assured athletes, fans and media that there will not be any issues regarding what takes place during the Games. The IOC is watching this very closely and they’re monitoring this and we’ll address it if it becomes an issue.”

Denis O'HareThe Wolverine is set to win the box office this weekend with $55 million, a respectable take, but well short of estimates. The Conjuring will take second place with $24 million, and Despicable Me 2 will hold onto third with $16 million.

Out actor Denis O’Hare is set to join American Horror Story: Coven in an unnamed role. Hopefully they won’t make him wear the face of a burn victim this season.

I’m all about men taking more care to make sure their butts look good, but exactly what does an ass that’s been injected with belly fat look like out of clothes? That doesn’t seem like it would be very attractive.

The Emmy producers say they’re planning a special Cory Monteith tribute for the show, but don’t know yet what form that might take. They also say they’ll be revamping the entire In Memorium segment.Cory Monteith

Breaking Glass has picked up North American rights to Geography Club, based on the book by our own Brent Hartinger for release in early 2014.

Nikolai Alekseev is one of the most prominent GLBT rights activists in Russia. I know I’ve written about him being arrested, beaten, and battling the courts there numerous times. And he thinks the boycott of Russian vodka is a waste of effort. “To be honest, I don’t see the point in boycotting the Russian vodka.It will impact anyone except the companies involved a little bit. The effect will die out very fast, it will not last forever…The producers, even if they become bankrupt because of the boycott (which is unlikely) will not be able to influence Russian politics and President Putin as well as the decisions of the State Duma.” Instead, he says that we should “Pressure your governments to put the authors of those laws on the black lists for the entrance visa.They will suffer and others will think twice. Nothing else will work!”

Once Upon a Time producer Edward Kitsis says that there will be a gay character in the Once universe in one of the two shows. In the Once universe, there will be a gay character at some point. When we do it, we want to do it right because we respect love and we don’t want to just be checking off a list.”

Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis famously matured from a fairly geeky Neville Longbottom into one hunky Neville Longbottom over the course of the Harry Potter movies. But he had no idea that the act of doing so was known as Longbottoming. “I was not until you just told me, but that makes me very proud. That’s not something I ever expected. We’ve entered the vernacular! It’s very humbling. The fan base of Harry Potter is so fantastic; even now, a few years since the final one coming out, they’re still going strong. They’re really a great bunch of fans.”

Andrew Garfield isn’t sure about the response to his idea of having Peter Parker be gay or bisexual. “I don’t know about the response. All I know is it’s an interesting question, more philosophically than anything. Obviously making this version of Peter Parker suddenly bisexual or gay wouldn’t really make logical or dramatic sense. It was a hypothetical kind of question about the nature of these comic book characters and the nature of this particular character, and whether sexuality, race, any of those things makes any difference to the character of Peter Parker. … What Stan Lee created is an Everyman for every man. Especially the underdog. And especially for those marginalized, for those ostracized. And who is more ostracized as young teenagers than gay young teenagers? So it was more a philosophical question about that. And I long for the day where a comment like that wouldn’t make anyone batter an eyelid.”Sam Claflin

Sam Claflin admits that they toned down the sugar cube scene for Catching Fire from the books. “They did have to tone it down from what it is in the book because they can’t make it too graphic if you know what I’m saying. Because it was just a knot covering his, basically, you know what I’m saying! I was definitely prepared to do anything. But the costumer said ‘Well we can’t have you in nothing’ so I’m kind of covered up.” He was up for anything, and they copped out. Boo!

Various gay blogs have been up in arms about Target donating $50,000 to the Republican Governors Association, which has donated about $3 million to help homophobic Ken Cuccinelli get elected in Virginia. But they also donated $50,000 to Doctor Whothe Democratic Governors Association. And it was a membership fee, not a donation. Despite Target’s spotty history on political donations, I’m finding it hard to be up in arms over this. It’s just a corporation covering bases, and I doubt any major corporation would come out any different.

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special will be simulcast around the world at the same time.  So assuming 7PM in London, you’d be watching at 11 AM in Los Angeles. I might even be able to get on Twitter that day if they do that.

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This is how to be manly. I don’t think this quite satisfies the requirement for those who put “Masc4Masc” in their Grindr profiles, but this guy, he’s ding it right.

We’ve all seen how ripped Hugh Jackman is in The Wolverine, and so there’s no reason for him to prove his amazing body. But Josh Horowitz thinks he saw a little pec pop in the film, like you’d see from The Rock, for whom it’s almost a signature move. Jackman blames it all on the dehydration he does to look so ripped.

I had no plans to see Kick Ass 2. The first one was OK. but it didn’t wow me. But I’m more than a little amused by this homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that they worked into the film. I’m hoping it’s actually a longer sequence than this clip shows, because it has the potential to be great.

Welcome aboard Putin Airlines. We hope you enjoy your flight. Unless we have to cuff you.

Ming Na plays Agent Melinda May in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and she’s a reluctant warrior at this point in her career. Reluctant or not, she still kicks major ass, and it looks like she’s not afraid to go up against Agent Coulson, either.

I remain fascinated by Hal Sparks’ career. He of course charmed us in Queer As Folk, which was a very, very adult-content role. And now he’s the bumbling narcissistic inventor father on Disney XD’s Lab Rats, which is targeted at tween boys (but is truly watchable, if only for Spencer Boldman), which is a career move that I’m surprised the Mouse was open to. Plus he’s got a smart podcast he puts out talking about politics. And he also has a very NSFW stand up career, which he demonstrated with this Set List: Stand Up Without a Net, where comics are given their topics for jokes on the spot, while they’re on stage. Sparks even manages to come up with an original song on the fly.

Anthony Weiner has balls (and a pretty impressive peen as well) to stay in the NYC mayoral race after the new sexting pictures came out during the race. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it has any bearing on his ability to do the job, and wish we could be more sex positive in this country. He just did what thousands of people do every day. But the voter in this clip is not having it, and Weiner refuses to answer her question, which is valid: How can he run for mayor when as a teacher, she would have been fired for the same behavior? The correct answer of course is to quit firing people for having sex lives, but until then, I do get her point.

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