Meme: Katy Perry Rips Tony Abbott, Gina Gershon Is Donatella Versace, Frank Ocean Bags On Chris Brown

Husbands the Series premieres new season, men’s underwear for receiving lap dances, Stephen Colbert to save Sochi Olympics from the gays

Husbands the SeriesThe first episode of Husbands the Series season three is out on the newly launched CW Seed. Sadly, it’s not embeddable, and for a start it’s also a little sad. It seems we’ll be using the flashback storytelling method this year. But somehow Seth Green as a minister just works.

A male state Republican Rep in Missouri is suing to obtain a personal exemption from free birth control on his state provided healthcare as mandated under the Affordable Care Act. Since he’s male, he’s obviously suing to prevent his wife and daughters from accessing free birth control. “I see abortion-inducing drugs as intrinsically evil, and I cannot in good conscience preach one thing to my kids and then just go with the flow on our insurance. This is a moral conundrum for me. Do I just cancel the coverage and put my family at risk? I don’t believe in what the government is doing.”

OlinguitoThe Smithsonian officially announced the discovery of a new mammal yesterday, the olinguito, which they say looks like a cross between a house cat and a teddy bear. It’s been misidentified for 100 years as an olingo, but is actually a separate species. This is the first new mammal discovery since 1978.

The head of the U.S. Olympic Committee Scott Blackmum really thinks athletes should comply with the laws in Russia. “It’s our strong desire that our athletes comply with the laws of every nation that we visit.” Part of that should be ensuring that the athletes don’t have to visit countries with terrible discriminatory laws in the first place.

A new study says that sexual orientation should be included in medical records so that doctors can provide complete care for patients, like cervical cancer screening for lesbians, who have a higher instance than the general population. I don’t really mind this (my perspective may be skewed as someone who is HIV+ and hence my sex life is up for discussion with any doctor I see), as long as it’s not recorded as a chronic diagnosis.Enrico Colantoni

Gina Gershon has been cast as Donatella Versace in Lifetime’s upcoming House of Versace. Enrico Colantoni will play her brother Gianni Versace, while Racquel Welch will play their Aunt Lucia.

Evidently there was an Olympics GLBT Town Hall at the Chelsea LGBT Center Wednesday night, attended by a packed house including porn king Michael Lucas, and things got heated, with a lot of shouting, such as “Johnny Weir is a traitor! He’s a self-proclaimed Rusophile and he’s going to Russia to fuck and eat red caviar.” Lucas demanded a boycott of the Olympics, while others shouted to boycott various sponsors like CitiBank and Coca-Cola. The list of exclamations is actually fairly funny.

As you can imagine, NOM’s Brian Brown is upset with the California Supreme Court for striking down the last challenges to the Prop 8 ruling. “The way that activist judges have dealt with Proposition 8 is a travesty of justice and undermines the rule of law and the democratic process itself. The legitimate votes of 7 million Californians, and their fair-minded, reasonable position that marriage should be defined as the union of one man and one woman, have been trampled underfoot by derelict politicians and activist judges. However, this is not the end of the debate. No judge or politician can redefine what God has created. NOM and our allies will work to make sure the people of California, and other states where marriage has Brian Brownbeen redefined have a voice speaking for true marriage. So-called same-sex ’marriage’ is a political creation; it doesn’t exist in reality. Eventually it will fall, and we will restore natural marriage in California.” The funny thing is, the only marriage we’re talking about is the kind created by the state. Literally. It’s a state law.

Meanwhile, the marriage challenge got underway in New Jersey, which is an interesting case, since their supreme court required the state give same-sex couples all the rights of marriage, which they did, through civil unions. But since the DOMA ruling doesn’t recognize civil unions as marriages, suddenly all the rights afforded by marriage aren’t there anymore, even if we’re talking federal rights.

So evidently there’s a product called Liquid Lapdance, which are a special pair of undies for men to wear while receiving a lap dance, they’ve got some lube that’s applied, and a special fit, so when the dancer is grinding you, there’s comfort enough to have an orgasm, and it doesn’t leave a spot on your pants. They’re being sold in strip clubs, and you can order online in singles, triple packs, or the Bachelor Party pack. This is a real thing you can spend your money on.

Sure pickup lines are cheesy, but even the worst ones have to be better than the default “growls” on Growlr. But as the gay guy in the article says about the lines, it depends on how horny I am.Katy Perry

Katy Perry was doing a radio interview in Australia when prime minister candidate Tony Abbott called in because his children are big fans. When he asked her when she’d return to Australia, she let him have it. “Oh come on, that’s not a political question. Let’s talk about gay marriage. I love you as a human being but I can’t give you my vote. I just don’t believe in your policies so that’s what a lot of people should be doing.” I have my issues with early Katy Perry’s exploitation of the GLBT community, but she’s slowly changing my mind.

Ana Maria Ortiz of the Mexican National Action Party says “Marriage should only be considered as those relationships in which the members have sex facing each other, which does not occur between homosexual couples.” Wait – are we not supposed to do it facing each other? Have I been breaking a rule all these years? Is there a fineFrank Bruni?

Frank Bruni says that even living in New York, when his partner holds his hand on the street, he’s scanning approaching people, identifying threats and will pull his hand away if he sees something. That the recent rash of violence in New York City has a grown man this scared, we’re going backwards.

This Charming Charlie is a Tumblr devoted to replacing the dialog in Peanuts cartoons with quotes from Morrisey and The Smiths. You’re probably going to waste your whole day here.

On a programming note, I’m going out of town this weekend, so there won’t be a weekend Meme, but I’ll be back rested, hopefully with my gay batteries recharged (seriously, I’m escaping my current life surrounded by nothing by heterosexuals for the weekend to gay it up) for Monday morning.

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Back in 1939 at the Warner Bros Christmas party they screened this Porky Pig short that may be the greatest thing ever, then threw it into a vault until their 75th Anniversary, which seems a crime. I’ve always thought cartoon characters were more like us than they let on.

Back in 2010, Stephen Colbert stepped up and sponsored the U.S. Men’s Speed Skating Team, which went on to win gold, thus saving the Olympics. And this year he may have to step in and save them again, but this time from those sneaky gays.

I know nothing of Vampire Academy, but this trailer is getting good buzz online, and since Cameron Monaghan is one of the stars, I thought it might be of interest to the readers. I really need to just buy the entire YA supernatural section on Amazon and download it to my Kindle so I know what’s going on.

If you recall a while back, Chris Stark did the most awkward and adorable interview of Mila Kunis in the history of journalism. Now he’s back with Jennifer Aniston, who is promoting Meet the Millers, which has some decidedly saucy content, enough to make Stark blush, and Aniston wonder where she’s at.

Earl Sweatshirt is a member of the Odd Future collective of artists with Frank Ocean, and he dropped his single “Sunday” today. But the best part of the song may be Frank Ocean with a chorus about Chris Brown. “They called me soft in high school, thank God I’m jagged / Forgot you don’t like it rough, I mean he called me a faggot, I was just calling his bluff / I mean how anal I gon’ be when I’m aiming my gun / and why his mug all bloody? That was a 3-on-1/ Standing ovation at Staples, I got my Grammy’s and gold.”

Russian journalist Anton Krasovsky aanounced he was gay on his television show and was promptly fired the same day, with all evidence of his coming out scrubbed from the web. He spoke with a CNN reporter in an awkward interview, partly because of the obvious language issues, and partly because she asked really bizarre questions, like the way she brought up the polling about 75% of Russians disapproving of homosexuality. Who asks things like that?

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