Meme: Johnny Weir Didn’t Even Register To Qualify for Sochi, Green Giant Takes AIM At OMM, Madonna Does Perfect reddit AMA

Bryan Fischer professes his love for homosexuals, Fox inevitably exploits “What the Fox Said,” Zac Efron reportedly hit rehab five months ago

Johnny WeirMonday night Johnny Weir spoke to Queerty and said that he had no intention of toning himself down for the Olympics in Sochi. “If I’m lucky enough to qualify for the Olympics, I will bring the usual Johnny Weir. I’m not going to tone myself down, but I won’t go over the top to make a statement. My statement, whether people feel it’s enough or not, is being there. The fact that I can be proud, strong and an Olympian? That’s a huge statement. And the Olympics are a thing I’ve worked my whole life for, and they’re something I respect so much. For people to really understand all that goes into the Olympics, you have to live it. Which is why I understand the criticisms I get from a lot of the gay press and a lot of the gay people in this country. But at the same time, I understand what it takes to be an Olympian and a gay man and to do it at the same time. It’s an incredible gift. But you have to respect both sides. “

Of course this big talk, and his offensive interview with Keith Olbermann last week in the Russian uniform seem like a publicity stunt now that we find out that Weir didn’t even bother to register for Nationals by the September 1 deadline and won’t even be competing for a slot at Sochi. So why all this talk? And can this be the last time I talk about Johnny Weir and Sochi?

Kerry RhodesKerry Rhodes is by most counts a phenomenal football player. But he doesn’t have a team. Could it be because of the gay rumors that happened this spring, when pictures surfaced of him with a man purporting to be his boyfriend?

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin has ordered the National Guard in her state to stop processing benefit requests for same-sex spouses, joining Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The brave men and women serving our country will have to travel to federally operated facilities to register for benefits. I keep waiting for the Pentagon to slap these states down, and I’m starting to feel it’s not going to happen. These are federal benefits, applied for in a federal personnel system that the state has access to for Guard units, and should be open to all serving soldiers.

Grand Valley State University in Michigan has been forced to remove a giant pendulum art piece from the campus because too many naked men were reenacting MileyTwo Boys Kissing Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video. Yes, there are Vines.

Two Boys Kissing has made the long list for the National Book Awards in the Young People’s Literature and Poetry category. Has anyone read it?

No, HIV is not a gay disease.

TMZ is reporting that Zac Efron quietly checked himself into rehab five months ago. TMZ says it was a cocaine problem, while E! says it was alcohol. His reps are not returning calls.

Isaac Mizrahi is under fire for appearing on QVC during Yom Kippur, and for using Twitter during the holiday. “It seems now G-d isn’t going to be one of his customers, because it is a pretty big account to lose. Modern people have to learn to put values before money, and if Sandy Koufax could give up the World Series for Yom Kippur, then Isaac Mizrahi could give up a few hours of hawking some of his wares.” I know people take this seriously, but now I have this vision in my head of a Family Guy scene with God up in heaven, calling into QVC to order some bedding and talking Isaac Misrahiabout how much he loves the line. It’s going to happen, just watch.

Fox has given a put pilot commitment to a show from Jennifer Garner about a newly single soccer mom who finds out she’s inherited a rundown male strip club, only to be drawn into the makeshift family at the club. So we’re basically getting Lifetime’s version of Magic Mike, but for broadcast television? I’m having so many conflicting emotions right now.

NOM wants you to boycott all gay friendly companies, including Starbucks, JC Penney, Target, Apple and Amazon. Because when they boycott companies it’s righteous, but when gays do it it’s terrorism. I guess I won’t have to fight Brian Brown for a place in line for a new iPhone 5S Friday.

Pedro Almodóvar is set to be honored with the European Achievement in World Cinema in December.

Montgomery County in Pennsylvania is set to appeal the ruling that stopped them from handing out marriage licenses to same sex couples. I’m a bit confused by the move. The more obvious route would be to sue to overturn the statute, not appeal this particular ruling.Madonna

You really have to read the answers that Madonna gave on her reddit AMA to believe it. As Queerty said, it’s amazing what happens when a control freak sits down and pledges to answer anything. But seriously, she was funny, charming, and a little catty, which is how we love our Madonna.

John Wright, nErin Foleyow the former editor of the Dallas Voice says that he was fired from the publication because the new owners don’t want journalism, they want to sell ads. He says he angered them when his reporting on the new dress code at Dallas Pride became a national story and when he questioned the lack of minorities on the cover of the Pride issue.

10 Out Comedians Who Will Make You Laugh Today. I highly recommend Erin Foley, who I’ve seen live on stage, and in a bar afterwards. She’s charming and funny.

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Now that gay marriage is becoming more widely accepted and happy couples are showing the world that being gay is fabulous, it’s time to focus on another neglected group: Single People. Because it does get better. Seriously, get over yourself. Being single is great.

In what may be one of the most epic pranks ever, a man comes home to find that his buddies have plumbed every faucet in his house to dispense beer. People act like this is a bad thing.

One Million Moms is sure to be up in arms over this new Green Giant commercial that has a cheating wife theme, where she’s taped by her jealous husband saying she’s never had it this big before.

Ylvis score a viral hit with “What the Fox Say” and it was probably inevitable that Fox would turn to it for a promo for their fall shows. Still, it’s fun, with cameos from Jane Lynch and Darren Criss.

Tony Perkins says that the new Pentagon policy that allows up to ten days of extra leave for military members to travel to states that allow same-sex marriage to celebrate their nuptials discriminates against straight people. While I totally see the point of this policy – no job is like the military, forcing you into a location to live that may not allow marriage, I remain somewhat skeptical that it can survive court challenge.

Meanwhile, his cohort Bryan Fischer explains how he loves gay people. If this is love, I’m again so happy to be single and free of love.

Carl Sciortino Jr. is running for Congress in Massachusetts, and his newest campaign ad focuses on him coming out to his father. Not the gay thing. Dad’s fine with that.

And now for your daily nerd lesson, A Capella Science presents an explanation of string theory with “Bohemian Gravity.”

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