Meme: Adele Rumored for Dusty Springfield, Scott Lively Running for Massachusetts Governor, Colton Haynes Has a Cavernous Mouth

Sexy Sam Mikulak dances through World Championships, Smaug speaks, 50 Cent mentors a transgender teen on Dream School

Dusty SpringfieldAdele is rumored to be taking up the role of Dusty Springfield in an upcoming biopic, which is rumored to have Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga involved.

When I visited Australia, I found it to be one of the most welcoming environments I’ve ever been. Everyone was friendly (some were super-friendly). Ambassador John Berry isn’t getting the same welcome, with Tasmanian politician Peter Madden saying that Berry’s use of spouse in reference to his husband is “a clear and deliberate contravention of Aus law.” He’s calling for Berry’s resignation.

Dartmouth College (my first choice for college, and the only school that I wasn’t accepted to, breaking my heart) has announced plans for a $3.6 million affinity house called the Triangle House, for LGBTIA students to live and host events for the community. It should go well with the college’s private ski resort.

In what has to be one the greatest troll moves of all time, classically anti-gay Scott Lively, currently on trial for crimes against humanity has announced he’s running for the governorship of Massachusetts as an independent. “The people of this state need a candidate who can clearly and unapologetically articulate Biblical values without fear or compromise. They need a candidate who will tell the simple truth that abortion is murder, and homosexuality is condemned by God (but that Jesus forgives and heals those who repent). That parents and not the state have authority over their children, because government is our 50 Centservant and not our master. That socialism is slavery and humanism breeds corruption. But mostly they need a leader who will remind the people that Massachusetts was founded upon Jesus Christ and the Bible and that our future security and prosperity depend on restoring our trust in Him.”

The Sundance Channel has a show called Dream School, which pairs troubled youth with mentors to help them realize their dreams. On Monday it will focus on Alan, a transgender boy setting out to graduate school. And he has an unlikely mentor in rapper 50 Cent. 50 Cent stresses that despite accusations, he is not, and has never been a homophobe. “When you actually make music that mirrors the environment, you use the terminology. You use the language. Like if you were making a painting, and you were painting the American flag, if I told you to do that, and not use red, not use the harsh terms or the tougher messages, you would never successfully paint the flag.” He also reminds us that he loves his mother, who is in a relationship with a woman.Grant Gustin

Arrow producer Andrew Kreisberg reveals that their version of Barry Allen is a bit of a fanboy of the vigilante. “Barry’s a fanboy. He comes to Starling City and he says to [Oliver’s tech support] Felicity, ’So I heard the vigilante saved you. What’s he like?’ So I think for Barry, it’s one of those things where it’s sort of like ’be careful what you wish for.'” He also reveals that all the producers were writing different episodes for Barry while seeing actors for the role, and eventually they realized without casting being finished they were all writing for Grant Gustin without realizing it.

As the U.S. government shuts down parks, offices and nearly all of NASA, even the robots aren’t allowed to work, with the Curiosity rover being brought to a standstill for the duration.

SkydiveA rather hot British skydiver is set to make his 100th jump completely naked for charity (it was only if he hit a fundraising goal, but he’s blown past it). I’ve got about 30 jumps in my history, and trust me, it’s cold. Like really cold at 10,000 feet (not to mention the wind burn, and things well, flopping around violently). He’s got a sense of humor about it, telling people to bring their zoon lens if they want to see anything. If he hits his new fundraising goal (update: he made it), he’ll post video of it online. Did I mention he’s hot?

The Southern Poverty Law Center is suing the small town of Shannon in Mississippi for refusing to issue a business license for a gay bar. The bar had obtained state licenses, a liquor permit and was invited to the town hall meeting for what she expected to be a routine hearing when she encountered a crowd of angry citizens speaking against her. When the spokesperson announced that all the requirements for the license had been met, but it could still be denied for a “health and safety” risk, the aldermen voted 4-1 to deny the license.

It’s official, three couples in my home state of West Virginia are suing to overturn our ban on marriage equality with the support of LaBrian Epsteinmbda Legal. This should be interesting to watch in the editorial pages. I’ve never really encountered any personal discrimination/hate here (but I realize I have a somewhat lucky status), but there is no way the haters won’t be out in force to fight this.

Bruce Cohen is setting out to produce a biopic on “the fifth Beatle” Brian Epstein. Epstein was closeted and managed the Fab Five. Production is set to being in 2014.

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JWoww got intercepted by TMZ and asked her opinion on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appealing the ruling on marriage equality, and didn’t mince words, calling him “retarded” and “an embarrassment.” She later apologized for her choice of words, but not her strong feelings on the subject.

Pastamore is billed as a gay love story with pasta, and it certainly qualifies, but it’s also a clever ad for the hookup app Mister. It’s got a bare butt, so it’s NSFW, but I’m in love with it for the tag line at the end.

The FRC has put out this commercial to ask for your money to support their causes. It seems really wholesome, and framed as reasonable, but if you listen, their causes are of course being anti-gay and anti-women while promoting a ridiculous version of religious liberty.

This video of Colton Haynes is actually a couple of months old, and I think I featured a few GIFs of it in the past, but with the video we get the glorious scene of Colton stuffing his mouth to bursting while the host screams “Swallow!” at him repeatedly, which is worth viewing.

There’s a new trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and it heavily features Orlando Bloom, which isn’t a bad thing. It also gives us an excellent sampling of Benedict Cumberbatch voicing the dragon.

Usher stopped by Sesame Street to sing a hip-hop ABCs song, and I have to admit, it’s pretty catchy. I’m not entirely sure why Usher is so magnetic and likable, but even my mother loves him.

The gymnastics World Championships are underway, and with that we get hottie Sam Mikulak (and several other backup players) dancing his way through the registration process.

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