Meme: Tom Daley Tries Synchronized Zwimming, Abercrombie Goes Kid-Friendly, Live-Action “Cinderella” Gets “Frozen Fever”

Eleventh Circuit clears way for Florida marriages, CDC favors circumcision, Tom Daley tries synchronized swimming

Abercrombie & FitchAbercrombie & Fitch stores, which used to be the subject of boycotts because their artwork was too sexy for malls (and all the nasal pollution caused by their cologne) is now carving out kids’ clothing areas inside stores. And before you wonder at the appropriateness of having kids shop there, all the soft core porn is gone in the trial stores. And from their catalog, and from their Instagram. Thank god for the Internet, or teenagers would have nothing left to fantasize about, with Abercrombie going respectable. This seems more extreme than when the Sears catalog died and there were no more underwear sections for closeted gay teens.

A Staten Island grand jury has decided not to indict a white officer who was filmed putting Eric Garner, a black man into a prohibited choke hold that lead to his death. Garner’s crime was selling loose cigarettes on a street corner. As I’m about to be accused of being a race baiting cop hater in the comments anyway, I’m starting to believe that the problem is grand juries as much as it is the cops.

Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging service is now being cited in 40% of all Italian divorce cases. I briefly had the app on my phone, and don’t know why anyone would use it to carry on an affair. Someone I knew was having an affair, and as soon as he joined the app, and he was an unlikely user for the app, it alerted me that one of my contacts had joined. And everyone who knew him and had the app instantly knew that he was trying to find a way to message his mistress. Doesn’t seem very private to me.

FrozenThere are a bunch of brains missing in Texas. But we already knew this didn’t we?

Frozen Fever, a new animated short based around the wildly popular movie (seriously, try and be in a store when they get a shipment of anything related to the film. It’s a mob scene) will play before the live action Cinderella next year. That probably doubles the opening weekend box office for the movie.

The Eleventh Circuit has declined to extend the stay on the order striking down the ban on marriage equality in Florida past January 5 when it expires. That means that short of a Supreme Court intervention, marriages will start on January 6. But probably not, as Justice Clarence Thomas has jurisdiction over the Eleventh Circuit, and can either grant a stay or refer it to the full court. Thomas is on record as saying that he believes stays should have been granted in other marriage equality cases while the appeals happen, so he’s likely to act by himself since he hasn’t been able to gather the votes in other cases.

Which of the newly restricted porn acts do you thing that Brits will miss the most? I would not have guessed caning, but that’s wGrindrhat Porn Hub says. I mean, get your freak on any way that turns you on, but until this week I wasn’t really aware that caning was a distinct genre of porn.

Grindr is now showing you an ETA to your hookup. That can help you decide between the guy down the street and the one across town, who suddenly better have a spectacular ass to justify three train changes. It seems like it works both ways of course, so you know if the guys that said he’s headed over is probably standing you up. Also, I’m incredibly amused I found this story on Engadget and not a gay blog.

It turns out that lumping together all Republicans as anti-science is unfair. Mostly, it’s the Tea Party people that refuse to believe things like climate change, and interestingly enough, the higher their education, the less likely they are to believe it. The study says that when it comes to the Tea Party, their thinking starts with the solution to a problem like climate change, and if that’s too painful to them, they work backwards into disbelief.

Iggy Azalea“Fancy” by Iggy Azalea with Charlie XCX was the most watched video on Vevo this year. Sam Smith managed to crack the Top 10 with “Stay with Me” one of only three videos by male artists to make the list.

The CDC has formally come out in favor of circumcision. Barring religious or cultural reasons, the CDC says “the scientific evidence is clear that the benefits outweigh the risks” and that medical insurance should cover the procedure. Personally, I’d rather have the rest of my penis with me as an adult, but it looks like going forward, American foreskin lovers will have to travel abroad to find what they want.


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To celebrate the fact that FINA has decided to allow men to participate in synchronized swimming for the first time, Tom Daley decides to try out for the team. He’s not exactly a natural at it, but he’s not bad either.

Having a day job in retail where holiday music starts November 1, I’m generally not one to advocate listening to more Christmas music, but you really have to hear this guy impersonate 20 different musical styles over the course of “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” from Mariah Carey to Blink-182

Vice is a new Bruce Willis movie that’s basically the unlikely mashup of Fantasy Island and I, Robot. The idea is that Willis runs a fantasy resort with AI robots that you can indulge wild fantasies from sex to murder. Then an AI becomes self aware and escapes, and has to be hunted down.

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