Andrew Garfield Supports Marriage Equality, NOM Plots World Domination

I don’t know what to say about the explosions in Boston. Information is changing so fast anything I write will be out of date. What we know as I’m writing this is that two bombs went off, most likely set in trash cans. Three people are dead, including an eight-year-old boy, and 141 people are injured. The FBI has taken over the investigation. On the bright side, people Anthony Mackierushed to help rather than running away, and NBC has reported that some marathon runners kept running after the race straight to the hospital to give blood. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by what is officially being called an act of terrorism.

Anthony Mackie says that the Falcon will play a big role in Captain America: Winter Soldier when it comes to Cap taking down his former buddy. “I’m happy to say that I’m in a good deal of the movie and I play an integral part with Captain America taking down the Winter Soldier. It’s great.”

The longer interview with Matt Salmon, son of GOP Rep. Salmon has him saying that reparative therapy had a benefit of teaching him to talk to men. When Anderson Cooper gets him to agree that it helped him meet guys, Anderson quips “I think your doctor right now is spitting up his coffee.”

It turns out that just a sip of beer can make the brain release dopamine. Researchers sprayed just 15 mL on subjects tongues while they were under a PET scanner and saw brains release large Jeanne Cooperquantities of dopamine. Does this mean I can buy singles instead of thirty-packs?

Jeanne Cooper, the grande dame of Young and the Restless, has been hospitalized in critical condition since the weekend, and details are scarce. Her son, actor Corbin Bersen, says his mother is slowly moving in the right direction. I’ve scanned Y&R since I was in elementary school and my mother watched it, and Cooper was always such a strong character to me. I wish her a speedy recovery.

Andrew Garfield is a supporter of marriage equality. “Of course I’m in favor of marriage equality. Same-sex couples should have the same rights as anybody else. There is no argument against equality. How can anyone argue against compassion and understanding?”

Spartacus War of the Damned brought in big numbers for Starz, with 4.8 million viewers over the weekend, and provided a strong launch for Da Vinci’s Demons (which I’m lukewarm about) with 2.14 million viewers.

Which of your teen shows has the oldest teenagers, i.e., the actors playing the roles? GleeThe Carrie Diaries gets it closest with 21.33 years old, while Glee takes the top spot with 26.38. Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars and Secret Life of the American Teenager fall in the middle.

It turns out, while Anne Frank did like pop culture, she probably would not have been a Belieber.

According to the American Library Association, the most challenged book wasn’t Fifty Shades of Grey, but the Captain Underpants series. Gay classic And Tango Makes Three came in at #5 on the list. I have a sudden urge to order copies of all ten books and put them in the night drop box at my local library.

Pope Francis came dangerously close to admitting fallibility. “Let us all remember this: one cannot proclaim the Gospel of Jesus without the tangible witness of one’s life. Preaching with your life, with your witness. Inconsistency on the part of pastors and the faithful between what they say and what they do, between word and manner of life, is undermining the Church’s credibility.”

I’ve known this for a while, but cabaret legend Joel Grey will be playing a Las Vegas magician with a new trick on Warehouse 13 this season. And his new trick may shoot Pete into orbit.

Sally RideThe National Organization for Marriage has been messing around with equality in France for several months, but that was just the beginning as Jeremy Hooper uncovers their plans to spread hate worldwide. This is not one of America’s better exports.

The U.S. Navy has named a research ship after astronaut Sally Ride. Ride passed away last year from cancer, and it was later revealed that she had been in a long term lesbian relationship.

Mike Rice may have been fired from Rutgers for physically abusing players and yelling gay slurs, but he’s still coaching. He’s kept his position as coach of an AAU girls team, where he can work on his techniques with 12 year olds.

Twilight’s Nikki Reed has joined Murder of a Cat. The dark comedy is about a young man who discovers his dead cat was living a double life with a second owner. See, I told you to never trust a cat.

New Zealand is set to have the third reading of their marraige equality bill Wednesday, and based on previous votes, it is expected to pass, with the first marriages taking place in mid-August. I always love Kiwis, nicest people when I visited their country. 

 Justin Bieber offered this as proof he’s not in a child star meltdown

 While Dan Feuerreigel dug out this photo of him in wardrobe. Weird to see him in costume and well lit

 It’s no surprise the Dark Archer is making a return appearance on Arrow

 Glee goes back to the future for Don’t Stop Believing. They all grow up so fast

 I am so conflicted right now

 Kris Allen is thoughtful before his show

 Nathan Fillion can deliver a package to me any time

 Erik Rush is a Fox News contributor and anti-gay asshat. This is his reaction to Boston

 Fortunately, Patton Oswalt reminds us that people are basically good


Depending on the video you watched, Dylan O’Brien was either stretching the buttons of his shirt to the limit or getting his nipples tweaked by Tyler Posey on the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet. But he can’t be this pretty all by himself, and he gives props to the people that helped him.


The Language of Love was sent to us through Twitter, and it’s a remarkably personal short about a schoolboy in love with his best friend. I almost clicked away after a couple minutes, but I’m glad I watched the whole thing.


Adidas choose to advertise their new Chelsea gear without actually showing you the clothes, just what I presume are players in very little clothing and a whole lot of blue paint. You may end up placing an order yourself before the end.


Patton Oswalt plays a pitch perfect Penguin to a clueless, emotionally stunted Batman in this piece from College Humor that I really wasn’t expecting. I suppose Alfred choose to avoid the difficult conversations.


In a new clip from Iron Man 3 at the MTV Movie Awards, we see Tony Stark in his crumbling home with a prototype suit that just doesn’t have the firepower that he needs to defend himself, so he improvises.


General Zod seems to think that we’ve been holding Superman hostage all these years, and wants him back in this viral video for Man of Steel. I admit, I’m confused as to the direction they’re taking with this film, but I think I want to see it.


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