Meme: Andrew Rannells Volunteered To Get Naked With Hugh Jackman, Lorde Invites Her Fans To Taunt WBC Protest, Is David Beckham The Underwear Model of the Century?

Danny Pintauro announces wedding date, The Incredibles 2 underway, how do you keep Godzilla a secret?

BD WongWe still don’t know that much about the new Jurassic Park movie, but we now know that out actor BD Wong will be reprising his role as Dr. Henry Wu alongside Chris Pratt.

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed her brief in the marriage equality case in the state yesterday, and she didn’t hold back. “The state defendants in this case recognize that the ban on same-sex marriage serves no rational purpose and harms Oregon citizens. This case presents that rare case in which there simply is no legal argument to be made in support of a state law.” Rosenblum is one of many state AGs who have announced they won’t defend their state’s marriage ban.

Lorde isn’t going to let a Westboro Baptist Church protest of her concert get her down. In fact, she wants fans to celebrate it. She wants her fans to wear Lorderainbow clothes and kiss partners of the same gender in front of the protesters, saying “Christmas comin early in Kansas City.”

Disney chief Bob Iger says all the casting rumors for Star Wars VII are just that – rumors. The only confirmed casting for the film is R2D2. He did say the film takes place 30 years after the last film and has some familiar faces along with three young new leads.

A high school teacher in my home state of West Virginia is under investigation for posting a message on Facebook comparing a gay-straight alliance meeting with a drunks-t totaller club, street racing and worse. Parkersburg South High School is quite large, on the WV-OH border.

Tommy Hilfiger recently called David Beckham the “underwear model of the century,” which seems extreme. Nothing against Becks, he fills out his briefs nicely, but has Hilfiger seen Quinn Jaxon?David Beckham

Brad Bird has always said he didn’t want to do a sequel to The Incredibles unless he could top the story of the original. Now we know he’s working on that sequel, which should be a doozy. Also, there will be another Cars movie to sell toys.

A new study says what we already now – guys check out other guys in the locker room, gay or straight. In fact, straight guys are more likely to look openly, and even engage in a little fluffing to up their game, while gay men don’t fluff because they want to conform to what they (wrongly) perceive as the culture of the locker room.

We knew that Danny Pintauro from Who’s the Boss? Was getting married to his boyfriend, but now he’s set the date of April 3rd and has a website up for the event. I wonder if Judith Light or Tony Danza will attend?

Andrew RannellsIn a horrifying development, if you’re in Rhode Island and haven’t signed up for health insurance, the state will give your mother all the details she needs to stalk you on social media, from Instagram to OKCupid, and teach her how to message you about health insurance. They’re actually calling it the Nag Toolkit. But will they help her find you on Grindr?

Andre Leon Talley has quit his job with Russian fashion magazine Numero Russia over the nation’s homophobic laws. “The one thing that really impacted me was Rachel Maddow’s reporting last winter on the anti-LGBT laws in Russia. There are no civil rights for people there. That’s one of my reasons for departing.”

Andrew Rannells says that he’s hoping Elijah gets a boyfriend on the fourth season of Girls, and he’s lobbying for Hugh Jackman. Plus, regardless of Jackman’s interest, he’s volunteered for sex scenes. “I volunteered myself for nakedness. I feel like with Looking on the air, I gotta represent some gay sex on the show. I’m willing.”

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Godzilla has put out a new international trailer, and this one really sells the conspiracy theory that’s so popular in movies these days. How, in the age of cell phone cameras could the government hide a 1,500 lizard? It kind of defies logic.

Remember that adorable baby gorilla that was born by c-section in San Diego? Sadly, it has pneumonia, although a full recovery is expected. So you can worry a bit about her, here’s a second video of her, even cuter than the last.

MTV has put out the trailer for their new comedy Faking It, where two girls, desperate to be popular fake being lesbians. The good news is that it wasn’t their idea, it was the idea of a well-meaning gay. Hurricanes, Crimea, tornadoes, and now mistaken high school outing. We do cause a lot of destruction.

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