Meme: Ariana Grande Responds To Bette Midler, Why Britney Spears Married Kevin Federline, Iconic Rim Jobs of 2014

Federal judge strikes down Arkansas marriage ban, Kirk Cameron plan to game Rotten Tomatoes backfires, iconic television rim jobs of 2014

Simon DunnIf you think about it, bobsledding is pretty gay. The Spandex, the close quarters, packed into the sled with three other guys. Normally you have to pay a cover charge for something like that. But we didn’t have an out bobsledder until Simon Dunn, the Aussie rugby player for the Sydney Convicts (reigning Bingham Cup champs) who has now taken up with the Australian bobsled team, and is hoping to make it to the 2018 Seoul Olympics. And his Instagram is sexy. How could it not be with that body, that bear, and the combination of a rugby butt with a bobsled butt?

U.S. District Court Judge Kristine Baker has struck down Arkansas’ marriage equality ban. This is the second ruling against the ban following a state court ruling earlier this year. It was struck down on infringing on the fundamental right to marry and discrimination based on sex. Judge Baker ruled against the plaintiffs on their claim of discrimination based on sexual orientation because of a controlling Eight District precedent. The ruling is stayed pending appeal. The Deep South is beginning to crumble.

Make that shatter, because District Judge Carlton Reeves has struck down the ban in Mississippi as well. In a detailed opinion he outlines rational, human questions on why the ban can’t survive before striking it down. “Today’s decision may cause uneasiness and concern about the change it will bring. Mississippi continues to change in ways its people could not anticipate even 10 years ago. Allowing same-sex couples to marry, however, presents no harm to anyone. At the very least, it has the potential to support families and provide stability for children.”

ISIS claims to have executed two men by stoning for being homosexual, but opposition says that the men were simply opponents of ISIS and this was used as an excuse for the execution.

Ariana Grande managed to respond to Bette Midler’s criticism in a very classy way. Taking a little poke at the icon by posting a picture of her dressed in a skimpy outfit, she followed with  “Bette was always a feminist who stood for women being able to do whatever the F they wanted Kirk Cameronwithout judgement! Not sure where that Bette went but I want that sexy mermaid back!!! Always a fan no matter what my love. And I will still quote First Wives Club every single day of my life lmao.”

Kirk Cameron attempted to save his Christmas movie by asking fans to game the review system at Rotten Tomatoes. It worked for a while, driving the rating up to 96%, but then the counter-movement brought it crashing back down to 36% Fresh. Sorry, Kirk. Bigots really shouldn’t try to game the internet. The internet doesn’t like it.

One detail we didn’t know about in Chris Colfer’s announcement of new Land of Stories books is that his deal also included a YA novel about a young television star who is thrown together with fans for a cross-country trip. It’s obviously designed to go from novel to movie as a Chris Colfervehicle for Colfer.

The FDA has unveiled a new nutrition labeling system for foods in restaurants and grocery stores that will require much, much more nutritional information. Restaurants that already had the info available basically don’t see me anymore, because it’s shocking what you eat when you eat out. Pizza chains opposed the requirement because they claim that with topping combinations it’s too hard to provide accurate information. And before you get too excited about the pizza numbers, pizza got a concession and will be labeled by the slice. And who eats just a slice of pizza?

We may now know what possessed Britney Spears to marry Kevin Federline.

Black Friday typically brings big deals on TVs, waffle irons, and Cabbage Patch Dolls, but now that some states have legalized pot, being stoned can get you in on the deal. One shop in Denver will be offering $1 joints as their doorbuster, along with and ounce for $50, an 80% discount. Who knows how many takers there will be. Stoners aren’t known for their desire to get up early.

Taylor Swift has expressed interest in the past to play Joni Mitchell in the adaptation of Girls Like Us, but Mitchell says that won’t be happening. “I squelched that! I said to the producer, ‘All you’ve got is a girl with high cheekbones.’”

LookingConnor giving Oliver a rim job on How To Get Away with Murder may have been the rim job that shook the world, but it was only one of six iconic rim jobs that made television this year. Has anilingus finally entered the mainstream?

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth believe that homosexuality is an evolved trait designed to create tighter social bonds. “From an evolutionary perspective we tend to think of sexual behaviour as a means to an end for reproduction. However, because sexual behaviour is intimate and pleasurable, it is also used in many species, including non-human primates, to help form and maintain social bonds. We can all see this in romantic couples who bond by engaging in sexual behaviour even when reproduction is not possible.

And now I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. We’ll be light on posts around here until Monday, with Briefs on Friday and any breaking news. I’ll be tied up with the Day Job in retail on the busiest shopping weekend of the year, but I’ll be back on Monday, assuming I’m not trampled.

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Honestly, you have to wonder just how gullible BBC Radio’s Chris Stark is at this point. Scott Mills has caused so many of his interviews to go wrong you would think he would assume that anytime an interview went inexplicably sideways, he’d just scream for Mills to come out from wherever he’s hiding. In this case, Mills got Jennifer Aniston to be the worst interview ever (not really, I’ve had worse), and watched Chris sweat until he had tears rolling down his face.

The story of Peter Pan is hotter than ever lately, with NBC planning a live broadcast for the holidays, and now we have the teaser trailer for the prequel, Pan, which brings us Hugh Jackman as a completely unhinged Blackbeard, Garrett Hedlund as a young Hook, and a Peter who doesn’t yet know he’s a Pan. The visuals are stunning, yet I have this weird feeling that this is going to be one of those films that wins awards for the effects and costuming but bombs at the box office despite the stars.

I’m not entirely sure who this Megan Fox is, but with over a quarter million YouTube subscribers, somebody knows who she is. In this video she decides to walk around a museum and demonstrate who the educational system in this country has completely failed her by demonstrating a total unwillingness to grasp even the simplest principles of science displayed in a museum. I’m terrified that people like this have an audience, because if you’re going to advocate being this dense, who is going to invent the next generation of blond hair dye for you to wear?

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