Meme: Superpowers Are Coming To “Arrow,” NOM Wants To Boycott Betty Crocker, Anderson Cooper Loves Prancercise

Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson duets this fall, Chris Kluwe takes us to football camp with Google Glass, Kick Ass 2 invokes Mister Rogers

Brad PittRussia is now the 8th largest film market in the world. Frequently stars travel to Moscow to promote those films, and frequently those stars are major gay rights supporters like Brad Pitt or Matt Damon. But will studios allow them to speak out on gay rights violations when they promote a $200 million blockbuster? With the exception of Madonna, Lady Gaga and Tilda Swinton, Hollywood has been remarkably quiet on the issue.

Speaking of which, has the boycott of Russian vodka already been a success? Some people think so, since we’re never actually going to bankrupt a multinational by withholding pink dollars, but the boycott has made international news, and gotten people talking about the subject in a way that the law, the arrests and the abuses haven’t.

Could this be the most effective anti-bullying campaign for gay youth ever conceived?

ArrowIt seems that the “no powers” rule on Arrow isn’t so much a rule as a concept. They admit that to introduce The Flash, they can start with Barry Allen, but eventually he’ll have to be The Flash. “Our characters will react to the extraordinary changes to their world in a realistic way. These ‘powers’ wont be treated as commonplace.”

Anna Torv and Jennifer Jason Leigh have been cast as lovers in the Ryan Murphy HBO pilot Open, which is described as a modern exploration of sexuality and relationships.

It seems that the Christian church performed same-sex marriages (term used loosely) with the same rituals as opposite sex marriages nearly 2,000 years ago. The marriages were more traditional for the time, generally involving wealth and property, so they were all between men, but still, the rules didn’t seem to be rewritten against such practices until the 13th century.Betty Crocker

The National Organization for Marriage has announced another ineffective boycott, this time against General Mills, because their Betty Crocker brand is providing wedding cakes for same-sex couples. Isn’t this the same organization that screamed bloody murder about the boycotts of Ender’s Game?

A new theory on how monogamy evolved is making the rounds. Monogamy is a weird thing, because while it might make some sense for females of various species, it’s really counterintuitive for the male, who could serve evolution most effectively by spreading it around. But then they wouldn’t be there to defend their progeny from being killed by competing males. So we developed monogamy in order to keep other men from killing our children. So romantic.

At the premiere of 2 Guns, Bill Paxton explained the male love of guns and shooting things. “You know what guns are? Guns are Bill Paxtonan extension of the penis. And that’s why guys like to play with them, because they like to play with their penises. And they shoot off, and all that. I mean Freud, you know, would have had a field day with all this gun stuff.”

Showing more common sense than most municipalities, Colorado has set a precedent by dissolving a same-sex marriage not performed in that state. Most states with equality have residency restrictions, leading to problems if a couple from Texas got married in Canada, then wants to split up. Nobody likes to think about ending marriages when they’Freddie Mercuryre trying to create the laws that allow them, but planning ahead makes sense.

Scientists have figured out why cats cause allergies. Evidently it’s not because they have pure evil coming out of their pores.

Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor have confirmed that previously unreleased duets between Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson will be released this fall. Three tracks exist, and will be released in two months.  May says that working on the recordings is “Exciting, challenging, emotionally taxing. But cool.’”

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Kristen Bell stopped by Jay Leno to talk about her movie The Lifeguard, and how it’s darker and more serious than most of her movies. She reveals Dax Shepherd told her to do whatever the movie called for, just not to come home pregnant, which she did, but with Dax’s baby. She also brings up her commitment to not getting married until the gays can (at least in her home of California).

Ordinarily I wouldn’t think to mix lasers and a campfire, but I have to admit, the effect is pretty awesome.

Chris Kluwe reported to Raiders training camp with some of his own gear, including Google Glass, so we get to see what he sees when he takes a snap and holds the ball for another kicker. If you follow over to YouTube, there are a bunch of first person videos of what it looks like to practice professional football. Minor language issues.

Neil Patrick Harris is making the promotional rounds for Smurfs 2, and stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for a chat which included talking about adjusting his home and his magic gear to his relationship with David Burtka, and how the twins behave these days. He’s a perfect ambassador for gay rights without ever being political.

X-Men: Days of Future Past has released this viral video of Trask Industries, which will be providing the Big Bad for the film, and despite the tone of the video, which could be PR for any large corporation, it manages to end on a sinister tone.

Meanwhile, people are saying this video for Kick Ass 2 has a Mister Rogers feel to it, and I suppose I can see that, but honestly I’d prefer not to think of Kick Ass 2 in association with some of my happiest, most pure childhood memories.

There may be nothing quite so amusing than watching Anderson Cooper watching Prancercise. Seriously, just watch his face, and stay for the light headbanging at the end.

Radio host Sandy Rios agrees with a caller to her show that teaching children about the existence of same sex relationships is as harmful as teaching them to smoke crack.

Teen Wolf next week ups the stakes and creates some unlikely bedfellows. It looks like it could also be very short on the Danny.

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