Meme: Ben Affleck’s Impressive Penis, Best TV Sex Scenes of 2014, James Bond Movie To Feature “Lesbian Bad Lady”

PrEP study about decreased condom use isn’t a study, Bryan Hawn explores bromances, Brandi Glanville loves threeways

Ben AffleckBecause this is something we all need to see, somehow a high quality screener of Gone Girl has gotten into the wild, and NSFW screengrabs are available of the penii of Neil Patrick Harris, who seems to have done exceptional grooming for his scene, and Ben Affleck, who the Flying Spaghetti Monster definitely smiled upon.

Honestly, for now, go f*ck yourself, and then in a few years I’ll see you in a tank top twirling on the dance floor after your divorce, and I promise to judge you only half as much as you’re judging the rest of us right now you ungrateful young twat.

An update on that Kaiser Permenante study about a 45% increase in barebacking by men taking Truvada: It’s not a study. A friend at Reuters contacted Kaiser, and this is an informal clinical survey of a subset in Kaiser’s clinical care. It isn’t a peer reviewed study, it’s not got a control group, the demographics of the respondents aren’t charted, and it’s not scientific. It was just something a doctor thought to ask some of their patients. Dr. Jonathan Volk says they don’t have enough information to really know anything, and besides, that’s not what’s important in their program. “We now have over 500 patients on this medication and we have zero new infections.” All this makes me wonder how such information made it to the press. I smell a Weinstein.Brandi Glanville

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Brandi Glanville doesn’t really identify as straight or lesbian. “I’m not a lesbian, I’m not straight.” But she does like threesomes. “Who doesn’t?” Indeed, Brandi, indeed.

While we don’t know right now if we’ll wake up to a functional federal government or one that’s shut down since the giant budget deal seems to be in trouble, we do know that Congress is clueless about what they want to do about pot. One measure in the bill will stop D.C. from enacting their recreational marijuana law, but another will forbid the Justice Department from using any federal money to prosecute people (notably dispensaries and growers) who are in compliance with state laws on use, from recreational to medicinal.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has revealed some character names, but really all that matters is that the round droid is named BB-8.BB-8

A new study says that the most effective way to change minds about any vote on gay rights issues is to have canvassers who are out when they’re knocking on doors, which is five times more likely to change people’s minds than straight canvassers.

A new study shows that the majority of new HIV infections in Britain come from men under 35 who are unaware they have the disease. So get tested, and get tested often. And wear a condom.

In a stupid publicity stunt, Greenpeace activists may have permanently damaged Nazca Lines World Heritage Site in Peru. The giant figures, which can normally only be viewed from the air are sacred and were scratched in the ground 2000 years ago. The ground is incredibly sensitive and footprints show up instantly and stay forever. Certified officials rarely walk on the ground, and only in special footwear. Greenpeace decided to walk out and unfurl cloth letters trumpeting renewable energy.

I know snicks mentioned Dan Savage’s interview with Playboy, but it’s so worth revisiting. 3.4 of the answers are quotable. I enjoyed two Dan Savageof them immensely. One was him talking about questions he gets about what kind of sex is normal. “Even though everyone has non-normative desires—variance is the norm, in fact—people are terrified by what they think and want. When you ask people what they see in their minds when they imagine two people having normal sex, they say the missionary position, vaginal intercourse and husband and wife, with the intention of making a baby. How rare is that? That’s freaky shit right there. That is not normal.” The second was about religion using sex to suppress. “Judaism, Christianity, Islam and almost every other faith have constantly tried to insert themselves between your genitals and your salvation, because then they can regulate and control you. Then you need them to intercede with God, so they target your junk and stigmatize your sexual desire. If you have somebody by the balls or the ovaries, you’ve got them.”

The Obama administration announced a proposed rule for programs that are related to Medicare and Medicaid that would require any health institution that receives funds from the group, including nursing homes, to recognize same-sex marriages, even if they’re located in a state that doesn’t recognize marriage equality.

Buzzfeed has a ranking of the hottest sex scenes from TV this year, and three of them are gay male scenes: Connor and the copy boy on How To Get Away with Murder, Looking’s rimming scene, and Jason and Eric’s dream sequence from True Blood. Lesbians ranked highly as How To Get Away With Murderwell, largely on the strength of Orange is the New Black.

Harper Collins religious imprint Thomas Nelson is refusing to publish the book of a Christian mother about her support of her lesbian daughter unless she condemns her daughter’s sexual orientation. They’re also insisting “the person who committed the act is remorseful and has or currently is taking steps to change their lifestyle.”

The Sony leaks have also hit James Bond, who should know how to keep a secret. The Spectre movie will indeed feature Ernst Stavro Blofeld, plus he’ll be joined by a “lesbian bad lady.” This can’t possibly turn out well. Also, a $300 million budget seems completely ridiculous.

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Sometimes, you watch Bryan Hawn because you just want to see him roll around with his perfect ass in the air, and sometimes it’s because he has a point – which he makes while rolling around with his perfect ass in the air. In this case he’s got the “Bromance Parody” which is actually a pretty decent commentary of the evolution of straight men and intimacy, which is undergoing seismic changes these days. From the butt grabs of One Direction to soccer players making out, straight men are more physically affectionate with each other, and they’re fine with it – as long as everyone involved and everyone who might see it are aware they’re straight. No homo, bromance, bro cruising are all terms applied to newfound intimacy to make sure that you understand it’s a heterosexual appreciation of other men, despite how “gay” it might look. Still, the whole thing is really very new, and maybe the need to have escape clauses will die out eventually.

The Ali Forney Center is one of my favorite causes, and helps hundreds of LGBT teens each year that are on the streets to find a new start. Please consider donating to their incredible work this holiday season.

And once again, the ladies of Second City read NSFW conversational openers from Grindr, Scruff, and Growlr. Maybe these guys should just steal some pickup lines from Hat.

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