Meme: Ben Cohen Takes the Dance Floor, an Apology For Sarah Palin, The Doctor and River Bicker

Kanye West feuds with Jimmy Kimmel, Martha Stewart throws and epic tantrum over her broken iPad, Channing Tatum dons a singlet

Tucker KnoxSo You Think You Can Dance season 10 contestant Tucker Knox revealed via Instagram that he was gay – and married. A simple post titled “I’m gonna start a “fall back Friday” mainly cuz I miss the hubs and that beach!” appeared, and now we have another gay SYTYCD star. A second photo verified the marriage, and noted that they married five months ago in New York.

Cloudy With Chance of Meatballs is set to win the box office easily with $35 million. I loved the first one, and even watched part of it again Friday night on Cartoon Network. It’s punny and charming. I can’t wait to see the new one. Rush, Prisoners, Don Jon, and Baggage Claim are battling it out for second around the $10 million mark.

Vermont’s public employee charitable giving programs allows employees to designate groups to receive donations out of each paycheck. Most are designed to fight hunger, disease, etc., but it turns out you can fund two anti-gay groups with your donations, the American Family Association and Focus on the Family.

If you’re like me, you had a friend when you were a teenager who had one of those pens that had a picture of a woman on it, and when you turned the pen upside down, the clothes fell off. Those in need of gifts this holiday season can order the male version of those classic pens now.

Sarah PalinSenator John McCain’s campaign advisor Steve Schmidt says he regrets bringing Sarah Palin into the national conversation, creating a “freak show that’s been running wild for four years.” Palin has been making the rounds of the talk shows lately pushing her crazy idea of death panels from the Affordable Care Act. My mom says her sister is convinced that at 70 she won’t be able to get healthcare, so Palin is still reaching some people.

ABC is said to be considering a spinoff of Modern Family. Before you get too excited at the idea of Pepper having his own series, the top idea is said to be Rob Riggle’s Gil Thorpe headlining the show.

If you’re looking for gay sex on Showtime’s Masters of Sex, well, you better be looking offscreen. “Same-sex pairings are left off of the screen, though, except for maybe a kiss or hint at foreplay.”

Slate tried to redeem itself with the Barilla flap by talking about how important the reaction to the CEO’s comments is to the GLBT movement in Italy which lags behind mostKaty Perry Barbara Walters of Europe.

Katy Perry says that Barbara Walter once threw some epic shade her way when she was late for an interview. “I shouldn’t have done the interview: I was playing Madison Square Garden that same night, and I knew that the end of my marriage was coming. I was just exhausted and stressed,” Perry says. “I’d prepped everyone that I was running late, but Barbara showed up at the original time anyway. When I got there, I apologized immediately, but then she said to me, ’You know, I’ve only ever waited for one other person this long, and you know who that person was? Judy Garland. You know how she turned out, right?’ I was like, ’Oh, snap! Yes, bitch!’ I think it’s the coolest thing that Barbara Walters shaded me. I just couldn’t tell her as we were sitting down for a mega-interview, ’Hey, my marriage is falling apart. Give me a break.'”

A new survey from SAG-AFTRA says that all is not rosy in Hollywood for out actors. More than a third of performers say they have witnessed disrespectful treatment, 16% say they’ve experienced it themselves, gender nonconforming men and men who were out were most likely to experience discrimination. Over half of the GLBT respondents Chris Christiesaid that studio executives feel that they are less marketable because they’re gay, and 10% claimed to have lost a role due to their sexual orientation.

Surprising no one, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he will appeal the court ruling that required marriage equality in the state. His spokesman says “Governor Christie has always maintained that he would abide by the will of the voters on the issue of marriage equality and called for it to be on the ballot this Election Day. Since the legislature refused to allow the people to decide expeditiously, we will let the Supreme Court make this constitutional determination.”

Martha Stewart had a tantrum about her broken iPad. It’s actually kind of sad how entitled she sounds. Fortunately it seems that Apple wasn’t having any of it.Martha Stewart

Exxon-Mobil, long one of the major holdouts in treatment of their GLBT employees, has announced that they will be offering benefits to all legally married couples in the wake of the DOMA decision. Of course, it’s been pointed out that since Exxon-Mobil doesn’t have any workplace protections for GLBT employees, the simple act of going to HR and declaring you’re gay could get you fired.

Are they unisex?

WNBA players Diana Taurasi and Seimone Augustus are on opposing teams, but have known each other since they were ten. After a tense play, they decided to show no hard feelings with a little kiss, for which they each received a technical foul, which many are calling over the line by the ref.

Anton HysénOut soccer player Anton Hysén  says that he’s surprised by all the attention he’s received since coming out. “When I first came out I thought I would be in the newspapers in Sweden for a couple of days and that’s it — I didn’t think people would really care to be honest. And then suddenly it went crazy, and within two days the whole world knew, but it feels pretty good. I know that I’ve done something good with my life. I was just a kid who happened to be gay — I never thought it would be such a big deal.” And that folks, is why coming out is such a big deal.

Vitaly Milonov, the author of the original St. Petersburg gay propaganda law isn’t a fan of Stephen Fry. “For me Stephen Fry is a bringer of evil, as he expresses ideas which are evil.’ Well, at least be brought you something.

Mitch and CamFinally, the FAA is considering a rule change that will allow us to keep our portable electronic devices on during takeoff and landing. We’d still have to put them in airplane mode, but at least we can keep playing Candy Crush.

Do Mitch and Cam actually hate each other? The numbers say so, but I think the author is completely oblivious to how gay men communicate nonverbally. This is perfectly normal behavior.

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Ben Cohen and his spectacular arms made their first appearance on Strictly Come Dancing.  Love him to death, but if he doesn’t learn to move his hips, he’s going to have to dance in a jock strap to get votes. Not that that would be a bad thing.

Foxcatcher may have been pushed back to past awards season, but the dark tale of wrestling does feature Channing Tatum in a singlet, so we have something to look forward to other than the possibility he shoots Steve Carrell.

The Paisley Fields give us a gay love story in “Windows Fogged Up In Your Pickup Truck.” The truck never makes an appearance though.

“Rain Gods” is a short from Doctor Who written by Neil Gaiman that features date night for The Doctor and River Song, bickering like the old married couple that they are.

Why do we live in three dimensions? Is that the only choice? And are we just a bunch of monkeys asking questions?

Noted homophobe Peter LaBarbera claims that homosexuality and sodomy were invented to spread disease. Trust me Peter, they were invented for pleasure. Lots and lots of pleasure.

I admit it. I think that Kanye West is ridiculous. I don’t understand his music, and I think his arrogant persona is either a giant piece of performance art or that he needs psychiatric help. Now he’s feuding with Jimmy Kimmel. Rule #1 of life: Never feud with a comedian.

Remember that Star Trek pitch from Breaking Bad? It’s been animated, and it’s glorious.

You do your good deed, rescuing a baby bunny, feeding it, then releasing it back into the wild after a week to rejoin nature. You should probably know that nature is not impressed.

Stose is a gay rapper, more commonly known as Chris Porter, former gay porn star and sweetheart of Samuel Colt. His first video has dropped for “Misfits” and I have to admit, it’s got more women bumping, grinding and making out in it that I’d expect of a gay rapper.

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