Meme: Bradley Cooper Goes Commando, NBC Bullies Bode Miller, Vladimir Luxuria Arrested Again In Sochi

24 % of NFL players ashamed of their peen, homophobic communities lead to early deaths

Andrew RannellsAndrew Rannells returned to Girls this week, and while he did get to make up with Hannah, he came with some baggage in terms of a bad boyfriend. “I’m very happy that he’s trying to make up with Hannah and Marnie, but it was really hard to shoot those scenes with Danny Strong because it’s so painful to be in that relationship that is a disaster and that you know is compromising yourself and where you would like to be versus where you are. So that was tough — that’s a tough place for Elijah to land, initially. That said, Danny Strong could not have been a better, more hilarious onscreen boyfriend. But that relationship Elijah’s having right now is a little tough.” Also, I think he’s now a spokesman for J. Crew.

If you want to understand that the world has a rhythm, you really have to check out yesterday’s xkcd.

The marriage equality lawsuit in West Virginia will proceed without any new plaintiffs. The judge initially gave them a chance to add a couple who was married outside the state and wasn’t having their marriage recognized. But the existing plaintiffs feel that there’s no way for a judge to invalidate the Birthdaystatute banning marriage equality and leave in place the ban on recognizing out of state marriages.

The DJs who fabricated the story of a homophobic mother rejecting a birthday party invitation from a child with two fathers have been suspended by their station while an investigation is under way. I’m all for firing them. And locking them in a dungeon. These things make it impossible to recognize real injustice in the world.

Former Italian MP Vladimir Luxuria has been arrested for the second time in Russia for protesting the nation’s anti-gay laws. She says that authorities transported her to the middle of nowhere and abandoned her. Russia Today reports that she will be escorted to a flight out of the country today.

A new study from Columbia University says that LGBT people who live in anti-gay communities die prematurely, by an average of twelve years. “Our findings indicate that sexual minorities living in communities with higher levels of prejudice die sooner than sexual minorities living in low-prejudice communities, and that these effects are independent of established risk factors for mortality, including household income, education, gender, ethnicity, and age, as well as the average income and education level of residents in the communities where the respondents lived.”Michael Lambert

Canadian snowboarder Michael Lambert is cautiously vague but explicitly brutal in his assessment of the human rights record in Russia. “I am all for the purest form of sport in which all other distractions are shed with no consideration given to anything but your own process. At the same time, to act like there aren’t a lot of other very controversial things at play here, it’s ignorant. It’s not real, it’s not a reality. It’s not my reality. Just because I am a part of (the Games) doesn’t mean I ignore it. These things are real and they still exist. We just don’t see them because we are inside the bubble. Which is the goal — and that’s fair. We are here to compete and they want to keep us completely detached from all of that. But that stuff is still real. That controversy is still real.”

Were you aware of the World Naked Sledding Championships? Because I wasn’t. Slightly NSFW for obvious reasons.

Bode MillerNBC finds itself defending the interview they had with skier Bode Miller when he won his bronze medal. The journalist kept badgering him about the loss of his brother last year, and what it would have meant to have him in Sochi. Miller, quite understandably, broke down in tears after the third or fourth question, robbing him of the joy of winning another medal. NBC says it was just trying to get to the heart of the story. Tip: Be it an Olympic victory, the death of a family member, or someone’s home being destroyed by a tornado, badgering them about how it makes them feel is bullying, and the press is fixated on it.

ESPN says that a new poll they did of NFL players says that 86% are fine with a gay teammate, and 76% are fine showering with a gay teammate. Which means that that other 24% can drive home smelly and wait to shower until their mommy can guard the door for them.

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Bradley Cooper was invited to the State Dinner last week, and had to make a dash to Washington D.C. for it, so he just snagged an old Tuxedo without thinking. The issue is that he’s been putting on weight for a role, about 15 lbs so far. So when he went to put on his pants just before leaving, they were far too tight. In fact, they were so tight there was no room for underwear. So he did the sensible thing and went commando to the White House, which should have been interesting since going commando with tight pants exposes everything. And before you ask, yes I checked Getty Images to see if there were any photos and came up empty. I was hoping for something that put those Olympic bulge posts to shame.

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