Meme: Brian Sims Predicts Gay President In a Decade, The Red Viper’s Funeral Sounds Fabulous, David Beckham Mulls Return To Soccer

Doctor Strange finds a director, Joel Osteen doesn’t want views on homosexuality to sidetrack his message, Aaron Schock can’t keep his shirt on

Brian SimsPennsylvania Rep and all around hunk Brian Sims has no problem being known as the openly gay representative, because soon it won’t matter. “It doesn’t bother me that people label me as the ‘gay elected representative of Pennsylvania. In 50 years, it won’t be an issue anymore. Looking at the current trend in the American opinion, we’ll have a gay president in 10 years.” Perhaps you, Mr. Sims?

TVLine has some typically vague spoilers about the premiere of Teen Wolf. Read them and be confused, but also remember your grain of salt.

Florida Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel has denied the petition of three anti-gay groups including the infamous Florida Family Association to intervene in the marriage equality case there. And her reasoning is golden, as they “will not be directly and immediately affected if others enter into a same-sex marriage, or are prevented from entering into a same-sex marriage.”

David BeckhamDavid Beckham says that retirement is a bit dull, and he wonders if he could play again. “There’s never been a player-owner but maybe? Now I go to watch a basketball game and, when you are watching athletes play at the top of their game, it gives me that itch again and I want to be back in the game and I start thinking to myself ‘Could I play again? Could I go back? Could I come out of retirement and start playing again?’” Whatever gets you shirtless more.

There’s some movement on the Doctor Strange movie, with Scott Derrickson reportedly tapped to direct, but what caught my eye in the Nerdist story was their hope that perhaps Matt Bomer could play the Sorcerer Supreme.

For reasons that digital editor Brandon Wall called “colossal parade of fuck ups” the Chicago Sun-Times published a story from the National Review that claimed that Laverne Cox wasn’t a “real woman.” The paper has since apologized and pulled the story.Laverne Cox

A giant one ton statue of a man riding a horse has been stolen from the lawn of Anita Bryant. Perhaps this can be the new case that Nancy Grace obsesses about?

Jonah Hill made news when he called a TMZ photographer a faggot, then owned up like an adult, which I can respect. Granted, there needs to be more discussion on why the go-to insult when you’re angry is “faggot”, but do we also need to look at the trolls at TMZ who harass and push stars until they snap and come up with the worst insult they can recall from their childhood?

Joel Osteen doesn’t want his views on homosexuality to “sidetrack” his main message. The pastor recently spoke with Huffington Post and had this to say: “[Gay marriage] would be [against the rules], but I don’t really focus on a lot of those things… I try to stay in my lane and what I feel called to do. That does come up in interviews and things, but that’s not my core Joel Osteenmessage. I know [homosexuality] is part of it, and everybody’s welcome, but my take on it is it’s easy to make one issue, to become known for that or to let it side-track your message. You know, if you look at our congregation, we all have issues. Everybody’s on a journey. I try to say, here’s my focus, here’s my lane. That’s kind of where I’ve stayed. My core message is how do you help your self image? How do you let go of the past? How do you raise good children? How do you reach your dreams?”

The census in India has counted transgender people for the first time, and came up with an astonishing 500,000 of them, which is likely a low number. Of those, 55,000 are in the age group of 0-6, which seems enlightened.

Dame Maggie Smith is set to star in the movie adaptation of The Lady In the Van. She will play Miss Shepherd, “an eccentric woman of uncertain origins, who ‘temporarily’ parked her broken down van in writer Alan Bennett’s London driveway… and proceeded to live there for the next fifteen years.”Dame Maggie Smith

Here is every letter of the alphabet graphed by the frequency of use. Warning, this is a rabbit hole you may not want to go down if you have appointments today.

It appears that they’re John Watersbuilding a familiar old friend on the set of Star Wars. Terribly fond of it, had the playset as a child.

If you invite John Waters to speak at something as pretentious as the CFDA Awards, you better hope your designer gown is flame retardant. ”In 2015, let’s make a blouse sell for more than a car; a coat cost more than a yacht. All we need is one customer to break the glass ceiling of pricing. I mean, when was the actual date that a handbag began costing more thaRep. Aaron Schockn a condo in Queens? Why do magazine editors question a $28,000 ‘Puffy Clouds Embroidery Dress’ by Marc Jacobs? This man has expenses.”

Is rugby the best sport for butts? Of course it is.

Is the reason nothing is getting done in Congress because Rep. Aaron Schock is too busy vacationing with his shirt off, dune surfing and bungee jumping and anything else he can do with his shirt off? Possibly. But there really isn’t another member of Congress I enjoy seeing shirtless.

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I admit that I’m kind of crushing on Ansel Elgort of The Fault In Our Stars. He’s incredibly hot in an offbeat sort of way, and the fact that he seems completely collected but also really excited about his rising profile makes him even sexier. And he brought that humor to Jimmy Fallon, and even had a tap dance-off with the host.

I saw this the other day and meant to include it but forgot. We have a Family Dollar manager who is just not pleased with a group of ladies shoplifting Fabreeze from his store, and is not shy about expressing what he thinks about their morals and their parenting skills. The drama is amazing. Sadly, he’s been fired over this confrontation, but as someone who has worked in retail, I can tell you we’d all like to express ourselves like this 20 times each day.

I definitely want to be invited to Oberyn Martell’s funeral.

Kate McKinnon explains to Conan exactly how you do an impression of Justin Bieber, and she’s spot on with the description while giving the naughty pop star a bit of a hard time. We also get to learn about the experience of doing her Ellen impression in the presence of the great lady, and how she’s spending her summer break from Saturday Night Live.

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