Meme: Brunch – “It’s A Disaster,” Beth Ditto Says “Get a Job,” and Nate Berkus Gets Personal With Oprah

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy continues to shape up with reports that Jason MomoaJason Momoa has been cast in the role of Drax the Destroyer. If anybody can look like a destroyer, it’s Momoa.

Gallup released a poll of the percentage of people who identify as GLBT by state, ranging from Washington, DC at 10% to North Dakota at 1.7%. My own home of West Virginia came in at 3.1% which has always been considered a mean, but ranks a little low here. How does your state rank?

We told you Friday about soccer player Robbie Rogers, who came out of the closet, then promptly retired to focus on his apparel company. The Chicago Fire currently holds Rogers’ contract, and head coach Frank Klopas is incredibly supportive, “Yesterday I thought he was a very good player and I still think that today. Should Robbie want to return to the game, we would still be open to him being part of the Fire.”

Miranda CosgroveIn a move that I didn’t see coming, Miranda Cosgrove has joined the pilot for NBC’s Girlfriend In a Coma, with Christina Ricci. She would play Ricci’s daughter, who Ricci wakes up to discover, not ever knowing she was even pregnant. When iCarly ended, Cosgove was the only major cast member to not take a new Nickelodeon show, deciding to go to college full time.

Part of the advantage that Democrats have in national elections is their advanced social media technology network. Republicans would love to duplicate that, but are finding it difficult to recruit top tier tech talent thanks to their archaic stances on gay marriage and women’s issues. Tech people have a strong libertarian streak it seems, and don’t want to be associated with the brand.

A Good Day to Die Hard is set to win the box office with $30 million, beating out the Josh Duhamel Nicholas Sparks movie Safe Haven with $27 million. Newcomer Beautiful Creatures will have to settle for 6th with $9 million, which isn’t exactly a franchise starter.

Speaking of Nicholas Sparks, don’t expect a gay storyline from the author anytime soon, because it’s “not exactly my genre.” But he hasn’t completely ruled it out, “That would probably be more likely something that’s explored in a different medium, maybe through television…with the novels, I try to give the people what they expect, and then move out into different areas.”

IFC has taken pity on the Lindsay Lohan film The Canyons, which has been rejectedThe Canyons by major festivals in Sundance and SXSW. They’re planning a day-and-date release on digital platforms and theaters. It might almost be worth hosting a live session to watch it together on via VOD, because I smell train wreck.

Who should you cast to play Robin Williams’ daughter in a new network sitcom? How about Sarah Michelle Gellar, who will play his daughter/coworker at an advertising agency in Crazy Ones.

After initially not allowing gay teen Stacy Dawson to bring a male date to prom, the Missouri school district has backtracked, dropping the rule requiring opposite sex couples. Superintendent Alvin McFerren says it was never meant to prevent same-sex couples from attending, but an old rule to stop singles from pairing up to get the couples rate for prom.

Dowager CountessThere are so many reasons to want to be the Dowager Countess when you grow up, but I suppose the downside is that you have to give up weekends.

Herman Cain has joined Scott Brown as a contributor to Fox News, as they beef up their stable of failed politicians to criticize successful ones.

Sure Cops has to blur out an awful lot of nudity for their never ending show, but they also once had to blur out a Chihuahua in a broadcast.  “And then the same guy called Fox and said, ‘This dog is an actor, and he has an agent, and I didn’t sign a release for him.’”


 Lance Bass is part of a new campaign for mayonnaise. I’m still waiting for the shot of him with the white creamy substance on his lips

 Olympian Blake Skjellerup says he awoke with no memory of shaving like Robert Downey, Jr.

 Cameron Monaghan really is an distinctly handsome ginger

 I had never considered that the old gods and monsters might manifest this way in the modern world

 Yigit Pura says that meeting Nigella Lawson was a gay boy’s dream

 I can’t wait to see Travis Wall’s bubbly energy on RuPaul’s Drag Race with Chaz Bono


Oprah and Nate Berkus: The Things That Matter Part Two airs tonight, and it gets personal, with Nate sharing stories of the love of his live, Fernando Bengoechea, and of surviving the tsunamis of 2004. He’ll also talk about his plans for the future, which hopefully include a new rumored love.

If you’re going to turn Helen Mirren into a monster, you may as well make her a dragon, and the dean of Monsters University. She has a special message for all the students.


Again, I don’t understand the Harlem Shake thing at all (and have recently read some stuff that the original community behind the dance isn’t that fond of the new craze), but it’s hard to resist the cast of Happy Endings.


Josh Groban wants you to sex better. Sadly, he’s not offering personal lessons, but just a pill that you can take.


Rhett & Link are back with a bit on what women really think about kissing a guy with a beard or stubble. Spoiler alert: they’re not fond of it. Personally, I love the look of a gay man with a beard, but making out has been hit or miss. As for the perpetual stubble, I have a fondness for my skin, and would like to keep it, so shave it or grow it out.


The Gossip are back with “Get a Job” and Beth Ditto is, as usual, quite amazing. She seems so strong and empowered, it’s hard not to get a boost from watching her. It’s like attending a seminar on self confidence.


When I first read the description of Hentai Kamen, they called it a homoerotic parody of a Power Ranger, and oddly enough that works. The trailer is NSFW, but quite a sight to behold.


I’m yet to see The Hobbit, but after watching the VFX clip for the movie, I don’t know that I could watch it without trying to figure out what was real and what WETA had dreamed up in their computers. The merging of real sets and animation is mind boggling.


It’s a Disaster imagines you going to an extraordinarily awkward brunch that only gets more awkward, then you find out that the world is ending in a few hours, and you not only have to salvage the brunch, but try and make the most of the last minutes you have left with people you don’t really want to be around. Obviously an orgy is in order.


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