Meme: Cheyenne Jackson’s Shifting Gay Press Relationship, Chris Colfer Is “Hot In Cleveland,” Mike Huckabee Says He’s Not Homophobic

Chozen’s future uncertain, Barbara Walters opens up about Joy and Elisabeth’s departure, catching up with Orphan Black’s Felix

Cheyenne JacksonRage Magazine has a great interview with Cheyenne Jackson about growing up in a small town, working in sales before becoming an actor, meeting Tina Fey, and his relationship with the gay press, which has soured. “No one had really ever said anything bad about me and that was the hardest thing. With everything that has happened over the last year and a half, all of the stuff in the press, I kind of got raked over the coals.  As much as I like to pretend that it doesn’t matter, it did. I’m just like everybody else; of course I want you to like me. I am amazed how quickly the press can turn on you.  It’s especially true of the gay press at times. Don’t get me wrong; the LGBT press has been incredibly supportive over the years. It’s just been a few snarky blogs that I have had to stay away from.  Mostly because of how much it hurt my family; they have been really affected by it at times.  I guess it’s like RuPaul shared with me, ‘Your opinion of me is none of my business.’”

Hustling, the sexy online series that featured a cameo by our own Tim O’Leary, snagged Best Drama Series at the Indie Series Awards. Congratulations!

For the first time, Italy has recognized a same-sex marriage. A judge in Tuscany ordered the city council to recognize the New York marriage in the city registry, Chris Coflersaying the rules made no reference to gender.

Chris Colfer has booked a new gig with a guest role on Hot In Cleveland, where he’ll play Tony, the son of Victoria Chase, played by Wendy Malick.

Utah has quietly, evilly filed a motion for emergency relief to stop newly married same-sex couples from adopting. Utah doesn’t allow second parent adoption from unmarried couples. Many of the couples married before the stay was issued started adoption procedures of their partner’s child, and judges signed off on it. Some couples even started trying to adopt children in need. A motion for emergency relief will only give these families three days to find a lawyer and respond to the state trying to destroy their newly recognized families.

These totally NSFW, anatomically enhanced silicon sex dolls are so real they’re creepy.

An anti-bullying bill was approved in Minnesota after bitter Republican opposition, even after it became apparent that the bill would pass. The governor has already signed the bill protecting students into law.Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters isn’t quite saying that Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck were fired from The View, but she kind of is. Or at least one of them. “I think the feeling was if one went, both had to leave. We needed to shake things up.” has compiled a list of prominent entertainment and gaming personnel that supported Prop 8, which makes me uncomfortable, because it feels a bit like a hit list. None of these guys are CEOs, although some hold positions of power. One common thread in nearly every bio exists: Brigham Young University, so there may have been some pressure there.

FX unveiled their programming slate yesterday, saying The Americans will certainly be renewed, but their new shows, Legit and Chozen will need to finish out their seasons so they can look at the numbers and decide their fate.

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Felix is a fascinating character in a show filled with fascinating characters. As Orphan Black prepares to return, Felix will start to feel a bit overcome by the need to always save the clone club, which will make for some interesting moments for a character that seldom has an uninteresting moment.

Mike Huckabee says that he’s not a hater. And he’s not homophobic. He’s just on the right side of the Bible, and until God himself rewrites it and sends down a signed copy from heaven, he’s not changing. Plus Christians are persecuted. Whaa, whaa, whaa.

Wish I Was Here is the crowdfunded Zach Braff movie that couldn’t possibly be more Zach Braff if it tried. We see wigs, cosplay, and a dying Mandy Patinkin. And I still have no idea what the film is about.

Get Real is an organization that works with high school students on issues around bullying and homophobia. They got a bunch of fraternity and sorority members from Western university to talk about their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, and how they’re welcome to the Greek family. It seems especially timely as so many high school seniors are preparing to decide where they’re headed to college, and what they might do there.I never considered the Greek life particularly LGBT friendly, but that was based on me being in college 20 years ago. Times have changed.

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