Meme: Chris Colfer Too Old For Drama, Idaho Marriage Ban Falls, Jonathan Groff Says He’s Not as Hot As Kristoff

Hugh Jackman probably not hanging up his claws, Larry King helps Andy Cohen out on Tindr, the best part of Andrew Garfield

Chris ColferChris Colfer says he doesn’t get involved in the various write ups of controversy surrounding Glee. “It’s really sad. I’ve seen some of my closest friends on Glee go through where these horrible things are written about them and none of it is true, but some reporter wants to get a hit, they say so-and-so is a raging bitch. It’s really unfortunate. There’s almost no point in ever clearing anything because people are just going to write what they want.” As for why he’s never drawn into the public messes, he makes an effort to avoid it. “I just mind my own business, really. I don’t want to say life is too short for drama, but I think I’m just too old for drama. I’d rather go home and be with my cat and my dog than start a war with someone.”

Chalk up another win, because a federal judge has struck down the ban on marriage equality in Idaho. Sensing a loss, Governor Butch Otter (Best. Grindr. Name. Ever.) filed preemptively for a stay before the verdict was announced. If the stay isn’t granted, the order goes into effect 9AM Friday.

SoccerCan you match the six-pack to the soccer player?

Why does the United States have the worst record on AIDS mortality and HIV treatment in the developed world?

Speaking of, a molecule that’s used to brighten the flavor of soy sauce looks to be more effective than Tenofovir in in suppressing HIV replication, and seems more resistant to becoming ineffective.

Michael Egan, the first man to sue Bryan Singer for sexual assault, didn’t mention Singer in his previous lawsuits in 2003, and under oath said that he’d never left the continental United States, which is odd since he alleges the assault occurred in Hawaii. His attorney says that he must have just not understood what “continental United States” meant. Now either way it doesn’t mean he was assaulted, but changing testimony from a previous lawsuit to win another is pretty difficult.

Guess who didn’t like the Michael Sam kiss – Bill O’Reilly!Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman must have gotten some serious negative feedback about hanging up his Wolverine claws. “I think I might have overplayed my hand a little bit by saying I’m almost sure that the next one will be my last.”

Add Alaska to the list of states that have a challenge to their marriage equality ban. That just leaves two states without a lawsuit filed.

At the premiere of The Normal Heart, Vulture asked Jonathan Groff if he’d heard that Elsa had appeared on Once Upon a Time, and he hadn’t. When the follow-up was if he’d consider reprising his role in the flesh for the series, he said “I would, but I’m not as hot as my cartoon Kristoffcharacter. It would be a big letdown. I’m not blond or six-foot-five.”

The Beverly Hills Hotel has hired PR disaster expert Mark Fabiani to help with the fallout over their owner, the Sultan of Brunei, instituting Sharia Law. Fabiani advised Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinski scandal, and Lance Armstrong during his doping scandal.

I hate long shorts. I grew up in the 70s and 80s, and shorts had a very short inseam. I don’t need my jock strap showing when I tie my shoe, but I like to see a little thigh on my men. So I’m thrilled that not only have we retreated from the ridiculous 17” inseam, but some designers like chubbies are putting out fashionable 5” inseams, which show off great thigh. Now if I just had the budget for a new wardrobe – I’ve been doing my squats!Andrew Garfield

The appeal on the Virginia ban on marriage equality looked like it really went our way. No word on when a ruling might come down, but it seems 2-1 in our favor. And the decision would likely be binding on the rest of the 4th Circuit, including the Carolinas and my own home state of West Virginia, which is just starting the lawsuits here.

The best part of Andrew Garfield playing Spider-Man.

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Evidently the Benham brothers just love gay people, but think that our agenda has made us possessed by Satan and we’re just his tools meant to bring down society. I don’t know. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me, and even Glenn Beck looked like he was staring at space aliens.

There’s a rule that says you should never make eye contact with someone while eating a banana, so of course they had some women do it, with hilariously uncomfortable results. I’d like to see the same experiment with men eating bananas.

Andy Cohen likes Tinder. He can sit and swipe all day. So he enlisted the help of Larry King to find a Tinder match, and now Larry is going to officiate their wedding next year. Once they meet.

My family likes watching golf. I think it’s about the dullest thing on the planet. The TV announcers in this clip might agree with me. They were so bored that they had their day brightened by a turtle taking a dive into a water hazard.

Newt Gingrich thinks that gay people are intolerant of homophobes that badmouthed Michael Sam, because we should respect diversity by ignoring homophobes or something. When challenged that these things are just the free market, he accuses Sam of manipulating the public with his Visa commercial. I’m actually enjoying this quite a bit. The hater arguments are now reduced to nonsense to the point you realize this fight is nearly over.

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