Meme: Morrisey Is “Humasexual,” Russian Child Removal Bill Tabled, Chris Colfer’s “Panty Dropping Palace”

Ben Cohen’s hips swivel, the Burtka-Harris family wins Halloween again, virulent strain of HIV thrives in Russia

Chris ColferI’m happy that Chris Colfer has dropped $1.6 million on a stunning gated home at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. His starter home was bluntly against the road in the hills. But did Celebuzz think it was funny using the headline “Chris Colfer Splashes Out $1.6 Million on This Hollywood Hills Panty-Dropping Palace”?

Bermuda made big progress for gay rights this summer passing a non-discrimination act, but Premier Craig Cannonier doesn’t see marriage equality as a priority. “That was not on our agenda (for this legislative year) and for us, there has not been a lot of noise about moving in that direction.”

Meanwhile, in Montenegro, police were forced to fire tear gas at 1,500 anti-gay protestors at the nation’s first Pride celebration. There were only about 150 marchers, and ten times that number protesting.

Shep SmithAs if the set they gave Shep Smith at Fox News that looks like a reject for a JJ Abrams Star Trek Enterprise command deck reject wasn’t bad enough, they actually made him play Candy Crush on one of those giant touchscreens. It’s not often that I feel sorry for a Fox News anchor, but I do now.

I had mentioned the Scout leader who toppled a 200 million year old rock formation in Utah that was facing felony charges over the weekend. Now, it turns out that he just filed a lawsuit relating to a 2009 car accident alleging “disability, impairment, loss of joy of life.” He certainly seemed fit knocking over the boulder, and quite joyful celebrating his destruction of a state park.

The Evening Under the Stars gala for the L.A. Gay and Lesbian center, which featured the emotional Any Given Tuesday short film, raised $200,000 for the center, auctioning off such treats as a week in Roland Emmerich’s London home or five days on his yacht off the coast of Thailand. I’d have bid for an invitation to one of his famous pool parties.Sean Combs

Revolt TV launches today in select markets, the brainchild of Sean Combs, promising 24/7 music programming like MTV of old. Music Video Historian (evidently that’s a thing now) Stephen Pitalo thinks it’s a great thing. “I think part of what’s going to be attractive about Revolt is, it’s almost like MTV was our first wife and she changed so much that she broke our heart and went for somebody with more money. So this is the second wife. She reminds us what we fell in love with in the first place.” Revolt EVP Val Boreland loves that incredibly sexist analogy so much he makes it worse. “Revolt is the trophy wife. We are the younger, shinier new wife. You still have that nice connection with the old wife, but … all the things that they promised they were going to do, they’re not doing that anymore. Back in the day, the M in the MTV stood for music. A lot of millennials don’t even realize that.”

The Museum of Sex in New York City has opened a bar, and they’re serving cocktails like Paredoila, which is a lickable cocktail designed to taste like kissing an older man who has just shaved and smoked a cigarette. Otherwise known as my early 20s.

MorrisseyMorrissey piqued everyone’s interest last week when excerpts from his new book spoke of his love of a man. But Morrisey is now clarifying that he’s not gay. “Unfortunately, I am not homosexual. In technical fact I am humasexual. I am attracted to humans. But, of course … not many.” I guess he’s a no-labels kind of guy.

The bill that would allow the Russian government to remove children from homes with GLBT parents, scheduled to be debated in February during the Olympics has been withdrawn from debate, for now. While they still plan on passing the bill, the optics of debating this around the time of the Olympics must have proven too much even for Putin.

Speaking of Russia, a highly virulent strain of HIV is spreading rapidly. 02_AG/A now accounts for over 50% of new infections, and the number of cases has soared from 2,000 cases in 2007 to 15,000 cases in 2012. The strain is spreading rapidly, but doesn’t appear any more deadly than other strains, or any more resistant to drug therapy.

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Ben Cohen had to salsa this week on Strictly Come Dancing, and I feared the worst, as Ben’s hips haven’t seemed to loosen up over the past few weeks. But they seem to have found a trick – when Ben is looking at Kristina, he can actually jiggle a bit. It may have to do with his hearing, but I notice when he’s staring at his partner, he’s got movement. That, plus the fact that the world’s cleanest auto mechanic ripped his shirt off during the performance earned them good scores sure to keep them coming back.

As Tom Hiddleston tours the world, he keeps getting asked for more impressions, particularly of other actors as Loki. He seemed a bit stumped as to how to do Samuel L. Jackson as the trickster, but as with anything and Samuel L. Jackson, just add a NSFW f-bomb, and you’ve pretty much got it.

Girls is in production, and while I can’t say that I can stand this show, I am happy to see Andrew Rannells find another way to be on my television after The New Normal was cancelled, even if he seems to mostly be a sidekick here, which lets face it, if the show is called “Girls” the guy is an accessory.

Is there anything more magical than a bunch of good looking guys emerging from beneath the surface of a sunny pool and playing “Under the Sea” on bottles for your amusement? I think not. It’s a great Monday ice breaker. And with the change in the weather, we may all be breaking some ice soon.

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